Barum Bravuris 3HM tires

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The Czech manufacturer's new tires for the 2014 summer season are Barum Bravuris 3HM tires. Designed for mid- and higher-class passenger cars. Such a wide range of applications is possible thanks to production in a large number of sizes.

The basic element in the tire that ensures driving comfort and safety is, of course, the asymmetric tread. Because the tire's construction is very advanced, it has excellent performance on every type of surface that can be found in summer. This construction is also responsible for other parameters of the tire, which the manufacturer already communicates in the name of the tire (High Mileage). Thanks to special technologies that were involved in the construction of Barum Bravius 3HM, these tires are characterized by really long mileage. This feature is primarily due to the modern mixture from which it is made. This is what makes the tire extremely durable, i.e. it wears out slowly and therefore lasts longer. A significant advantage of this tire model is that it has the same level of performance throughout the entire period of use.

This tire is the successor to the Barum Bravuris 2 tire, well-known to a large group of drivers. When we compare the Barum Bravuris 3HM with its predecessor, we can come to the conclusion that the newer model provides a much more stable and, consequently, safer driving experience. By producing this tire model in a much larger range of sizes, the manufacturer signaled a change in priorities - the company wants to create tires not only for small and medium-sized cars, but also for premium cars.

Barum OR57 Brillant is an economy-class summer tire that is perfect for everyday use. This tire performs not only on dry but also on wet surfaces. It is equipped with a system that reduces the risk of aquaplaning and also guarantees proper traction and long operation.

Barum OR57 Brilliant tires have universal properties. A high-quality rubber mixture with the addition of silica and modern technologies were used for their production. This model offers high utility values. Thanks to the use of appropriate tread architecture, high efficiency on wet surfaces was achieved.

The contact surface of the tires with the ground is equipped with 3 longitudinal channels, which are responsible for quick water drainage. In addition, they also reduce the risk of aquaplaning (sliding on the water surface). The transverse grooves are designed to direct the liquid to the side, which allows the tire to accelerate optimally and shorten its braking distance on wet surfaces. As an addition, the stiff edges of the tread blocks guarantee increased power transfer to the road. This model uses the Barum Belt System technology, which involves the use of a flat belt contour and more massive tread blocks. They enable proper distribution of pressure and, consequently, even tread wear. The effect is that the tire has an extended service life.

It does not lose its properties for a long time and also provides high acoustic comfort. Due to the good adhesion of the tire to the road surface, vibrations caused by road unevenness are reduced. In addition, the special tread pattern allows air to escape through the side grooves, which in turn reduces the noise level as much as possible. A good quality rubber mixture with silica was used in the production of these tires, which ensures durability and tread hardness and also improves grip on slippery and wet surfaces. An additional advantage of these tires is their attractive price. Both models are available at the store

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