By car on holiday - what to pay attention to?


Winter is gone, spring has begun, temperatures are rising. The holiday season is slowly approaching. Many of us go to our vacation destinations in our cars. It is worth taking care of them before leaving.

A family car trip on holiday or a holiday trip is very pleasant, provided that we do not travel with our hearts on our shoulders. To make this happen, it is worth taking a look at the technical condition of the car and checking the elements responsible for safety in advance, before the holiday season.

Tires – inspection and replacement

Tires are extremely important for driving safety and comfort. After all, it is through them that the car comes into contact with the road. Therefore, their condition and quality play a key role during travel. If we drive on excessively worn tires, we risk not only a high fine and loss of registration certificate, but also our own safety and that of passengers. Tire pressure and condition should be checked regularly. Such a check is necessary before any further journey.

It's getting warmer, so it's time to replace your tires with summer ones . It is best to do this when average daily temperatures reach several degrees Celsius above zero. Before going to the workshop, you need to carefully examine your summer tires. If you notice signs of excessive wear, you must order new tires. It is not worth saving and buying the cheapest tires. It is better to pay extra for higher-quality products from a recognized manufacturer, because they will ensure safe and trouble-free driving, and they will wear out slower.

If you use all-season tires, you should regularly check their condition and replace them if they show signs of wear. If you feel that the tire is making noise or making noise, go to a workshop as soon as possible.

Note - tire inspection should cover not only the four wheels, but also the fifth, spare one. If we have a repair kit instead, check the condition before a long trip.

Battery after winter

If your car has been parked in the garage (or, worse yet, in a parking lot) for most of the winter, or you only cover short distances, you absolutely need to check the battery to avoid an unpleasant surprise. In service batteries, check the electrolyte condition and, if necessary, top it up to the level required by the manufacturer. It is a good idea to charge a maintenance-free battery from time to time (especially if you drive a little and for short distances). If, despite charging, the battery does not work and the car does not start, then the only solution is to replace the battery . Of course, we should buy a model with parameters adapted to our car.

Fluids and oils

The level of fluids and oil should be checked regularly, all year round. We add them if necessary, but if we notice that the oil is leaking from the engine or gearbox or is otherwise losing it quickly, we should immediately go to the service center, because this usually means a serious failure. Before going on vacation or vacation, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the condition of the fluids in your car and whether everything is OK with the oil.

Remember to change the oil and fluid intervals. Compliance with the deadlines given by the car manufacturer is the minimum necessary. There is definitely no harm in shortening them - then we can go on a holiday trip with greater confidence and enjoy trouble-free operation of the car for longer.


Each car should be inspected at the time specified by the manufacturer, e.g. once a year or after covering a certain number of kilometers. However, these intervals can be shortened and the most important car components should be inspected more often. Such a test can be carried out before going on a further journey, for example on holiday or vacation. This is an option worth considering, especially for drivers who drive older and/or higher mileage cars. It's better to minimize the risk of failure.

What else to check?

Tires and vehicle mechanics are not everything. Before going on vacation or vacation, you need to make sure that you have taken all the necessary items and documents with you. It is important to check the first aid kit and its contents - you never know when you will need it. Let's also take a look at the fire extinguisher and its expiration date. If it is coming to an end or has already passed, it is better to have it extended as soon as possible by a service technician. Naturally, we also check the documents to make sure we have not forgotten about mandatory inspections and insurance.

Have a nice journey!

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