Liner-for-two from Carthago - a great motorhome for two

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Palace for two - this is how you can briefly describe the luxury cruiser Liner-for-two by the German brand Carthago. Designed and manufactured in Aulendorf, Bavaria, the model from its premiere a year ago turned out to be a bull's eye and has achieved a strong position in the brand's model portfolio. After all, Carthago has unparalleled experience in reading the needs and preferences of Western European wealthy fans of motorhome tourism.

As one of the few independently operating manufactories in the industry, it is considered a premium brand, with a clear tendency to thoughtful, evolutionary (instead of revolutionary) changes. Design and model modifications are subtle from year to year, and the conservative design and interior design have for many years been ideally suited to the tastes of a precisely defined group of recipients.


To be clear - the structure of external walls, their stiffness and tightness have been setting standards in the industry for many years, and the quality of the construction and installation is one of the lowest vehicle value loss factors. 5-10-year-old units from our western neighbors often reach the prices of almost new units from mass production in France or Italy - and they gain buyers without any major problems.

For two or four people

So much for the introduction to the brand. But what distinguishes the models from the "Liner for Two" series? The idea is simple: provide the comfort of 4 rooms in a small space. At the back we have a comfortable living room - horseshoe-shaped sofas with a table (optionally for additional sleeping), further in the front there is a kitchen with lots of work space, a bathroom with a comfortable shower and, already above the driver and passenger cabin - a fully functional bedroom with separate, electric Comfortable lowered beds. Briefly - extremely comfortable conditions for two travelers. Taking into account the potential possibility of using the rear sofas as an additional bed, we gain the possibility of traveling up to 4 people (there may also be places equipped with seat belts, regardless of the version).

Different chassis versions

The collection includes 53 and 53 L (784 cm or 854 cm) models, both available on the basis of Fiat Ducato or Iveco Daily. The permissible total weight for the Ducato ranges from 4.5 to 5 t (53L version with twin rear axle). It is worth emphasizing that the versions based on Iveco with a GVM of 5.6 t or 6.7 t have amazing cargo reserves - it is almost 1.5 t and 2.1 tons, respectively! Considering the well-thought-out solutions in the area of luggage compartments and stowage spaces, it is one of the best results in this class of vehicles!

Electrically lowered front beds isolate the driver's cab from the living area.


What distinguishes the Liner for Two model?

  • Garage with Pedelec technology, despite the seats at the rear of the vehicle, allows you to flexibly manage the space and transport even taller scooters
  • Electrically extendable daybed in the living room
  • Electrically lowered, comfortable front beds
  • A huge number of compartments, enormous possibilities of using the space under the floor
  • The largest loading reserves in this class of vehicles
  • Large tanks for clean and dirty water (225/180 l), 2x80Ah batteries
  • 198 cm high throughout the living space
  • ALDE heating, double insulated glass
  • Tight, patented and rigid construction without the use of wood
  • Relatively low impairment

The list of options is long - both in terms of safety and comfort. Our analysis shows that the 53L version based on Ducato costs around 730 thousand. gross, for Iveco, in turn, 805 thousand. for the version 53 or, a trifle, 910 thousand. for the 53L model.

Carthago representative in Poland


The representative of the Carthago brand is the DANDIS company from Dzierżoniów, which, apart from the distribution of motorhomes from the Carthago-Malibu group, is also a representative of the Illusion brand. The company provides professional service and offers a wide range of services, from the assembly of accessories to comprehensive post-accident repairs. In the headquarters, next to a well-prepared workshop, we will also find a well-equipped salon with caravanning equipment and accessories, which are also sold online. Customers can also use parking spaces with the possibility of dumping and filling the tanks as well as electricity.


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