Carthago 2017 - evolution with elements of a revolution

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Carthago - a motorhome manufacturer that defines itself as number one in the premium class, has not proposed any completely new model for the new season. However, he introduced many modifications and enriched the current range of motorhomes with new, interesting floor plans. Some changes may surprise you!

A thorough evolution instead of a revolution - this is the Carthago brand's motto, and the effects of such an approach were recently presented at the Caravan Salon fair in Düsseldorf. Among the most important novelties, the manufacturer mentions a double floor , which includes, among others, lockers with convenient access to installation devices , including water drain. It is also worth noting that many models have double doors between the bedroom and bathroom , which will provide more intimacy for users.

C-Tourer - two new variants

In the group of integrated motorhomes from the C-Tourer series, there are two new floor plans - 144 QB with the so-called a king size bed and 144 LE with single beds. The new variants are 6.99 m long and have a separate bathroom and shower cubicle on board, with a door enabling the separation of the sleeping and bathing area from the living area. The kitchen is L-shaped.


Chic C-line multi-room


Chic E-line - premium class salon

At the top of Carthago's offer we find the Chic E-line and S-plus models, which the manufacturer calls "jumbojet" among motorhomes. There were, among others versions in which we do not find a lowered bed over the heads of the driver and passenger, but instead there are two large skylights . More space above the heads enhances the feeling of spaciousness, and also allows the installation of additional cabinets. As the height of the interior is 2.12 m , we can feel like in a hotel lounge.


If we are interested in an optional TV , now we will get a screen with a diagonal of 32 inches . Queen-size beds have also grown - in the new season they will measure 200 cm .

S-class among motorhomes

It is worth noting that when E-Line is based on the Fiat Ducato with the low AL-KO frame , the S-Plus version is built on the Iveco Daily platform with rear-wheel drive . In the first case, we have a choice of 11 variants (with two or three axles) with a length of 7.33 m to 8.51 m. In the second, four models are available with a length of 7.88 m to 8.58 m with a permissible total weight of up to 6.7 tons .

The S-Plus is the most surprising of all models with its splendor and clever solutions. Perhaps the most surprising novelty is the retractable ... steering wheel! Thanks to this, it will not disturb and take up unnecessary space when parked. The dashboard, built in the same way and in the same color as the rest of the motorhome furniture, also looks interesting.


These "little things" already announce that in the case of S-line, the customer can count on meeting even the most sophisticated expectations. It turns out that when Carthago talks about evolution, we can safely expect something more.

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