Parking the trailer with a remote control

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Maneuvering your caravan while parking can be very tedious, especially when there is little space left. In some situations, it would be best to make the caravan, for example, drive into the garage itself or position itself in the right place on the campsite ...

So far, no caravan will position itself completely by itself, but maneuvering the vehicle with the remote control also sounds interesting. There are systems, colloquially called "movers", which allow a person standing next to the trailer to steer it by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Strong as a mammoth

This solution is offered by AL-KO. AMS Mammut is a maneuvering system, thanks to which the caravan can be parked down to the centimeter, even on uneven or very sloping ground.

How it's working? At the wheels, aluminum rollers are mounted on the chassis frame. When the system is put into operation, the electrically driven rollers are pressed with great force against the wheels.

For the remote control to work, bring the remote control closer to the magnetic sensor located in the drawbar housing, and then use the buttons to control it. First you need to press the button that activates the rollers, and then you just need to select the direction in which the trailer is to move. And it can even spin around its axis, making a 360-degree rotation!

The system is equipped with a soft start and a soft "stop" function, so the control is smooth, without jerking. The system moves the trailer continuously with a maximum speed of up to 0.5 km / h .

Mammut has the ability to climb hills, the permissible angle of inclination depends on the permissible total weight of the given trailer. If the GVW is 1.20 t, Mammut will be able to climb at an angle of 28% , but for a trailer with a GVM of 2.25% - the maximum will be a 13% gradient.

The system is protected against water, so the device can be washed even under pressure. The Mammut weighs 32 kg when mounted on an Al-Ko chassis, factory-prepared for this device. Otherwise, you will need to install a heavier version weighing 42 kg.

Light as a Mover

The Truma Mover works in a similar way, with the lightest system for single-axle trailers weighing relatively little, only 28 kg .

The manufacturer declares that its device allows you to climb slopes at an angle of 20 to 25% (smaller trailers can overcome larger slopes).

Both the Mover and Mammut systems require the installation of an additional battery to power the device. The systems can be installed both in front of and behind the vehicle axle.

Australian rover

A completely different solution is offered under the name Camper Trolley . This Australian device looks like a Martian rover! Unlike traditional systems, there is no complicated installation here.

The Camper Trolley is basically a remotely controlled , high-powered tracked vehicle . Using the remote control, we can make it move in any direction, climbing hills up to 10% and moving even on difficult ground.

In order to take full advantage of the possibilities it offers, it is enough to connect it to a trailer, the weight of which does not exceed 1.5 tons . Installation to the drawbar takes minutes and requires no tools. A charged rover can run for 30 minutes at maximum power.

The trolley is powered by a 14.4 V lithium-ion battery and can be charged both from the mains and by solar batteries .

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that systems that allow you to control the trailer using a smartphone are also being developed.

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