Caravans Salon 2023 in Poznań with an additional day for business

Caravans Salon 2023 in Poznań with an additional day for business – main image

Caravans Salon 2023, the largest fair of the caravanning industry in Poland, will last as many as 4 days from 26 to 29 October, as always at the Poznań International Fair. Due to the development of the industry and the fair itself, the organizers are introducing an additional Business Day on Thursday.

The event will also be slightly extended on the remaining days of the fair. Together with Caravans Salon, the Yacht Salon fair will also be held, also in the 4-day formula, and the 3-day Tour Salon tourist fair. All this to create space and time for the largest meeting of the industry and enthusiasts
caravanning and tourism in our country.

Caravans Salon 2023 in Poznań with an additional day for business – image 1


The Poznań fair gains an extra day, which creates time and space for exhibitors and their key guests, media, business and organizers to further develop the event, following the example of fairs held on leading European markets.

“The decision to extend the fair by adding Thursday's Business Day is the result of our conversations with exhibitors who want to properly take care of their customers, manufacturers who are showing an increasing interest in the Polish market and visitors, it is also related to the growing interest from the media. Space is needed for press conferences, premiere shows or meetings for representatives of the industry, and our exhibitors gain additional time for their customers, especially those who come to the fair to buy a motorhome or caravan" - emphasizes the director of Caravans Salon Poland - Miłosz Jankowiak

The first day of the fair will therefore be an industry day and a day for the media, but the organizer does not close the door to visitors, especially those who want to choose and buy a motorhome, caravan or other product they are interested in with great comfort and with a lower attendance. Therefore also in
tickets for Business Day will be available for sale.

Tickets for the fair are already on sale on the platform:


On the first day, you can expect press and industry conferences as well as special shows of premiere vehicles, while the main attractions dedicated to a wide range of visitors, such as the Vanlife Zone, the Retro Zone or the Stage, will be operating "at full capacity" from

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“The Caravans Salon fair is, on the one hand, a place for business, where various contracts are concluded, people from the industry establish new cooperation and customers choose and purchase a motorhome or trailer, and on the other, an event dedicated to every enthusiast of caravanning or tourism in general. That is why this year we dedicate the first day to business, the media and all those whose goal is to buy a vehicle, while the remaining 3 days are already a wide promotion of caravanning and everything related to it. That is why the main attractions, addressed to everyone, such as Special Zones or meetings on the Stage, are scheduled from Friday to Sunday.” – explains Michał Dublaga, Marketing-Manager of the event.

It will be similar with the next edition of the Przystanek_Targi Rally, which will again accompany the fair from 27 to 29 October.

“Our rally participants are invited as usual from Friday to Sunday, but we will be able to enter the rally area, as last year, on Thursday evening. We want to develop the rally theme further, so today we can confirm that more lots will be available. More details
will appear in the spring, while the sale of places at the rally is planned to start at the beginning of June.”
Adds Michal Dublaga.


An extra day for the industry, increasing media interest, inquiries from large global manufacturers who are considering appearing at the fair, as well as a constant increase in interest in caravanning and everything directly and indirectly related to it. All this forces continuous development and makes the Caravans Salon more and more like events known from the leading European markets, where fairs lasting 4, 5 or even 7 days are a standard. So we can expect another great caravanning festival, one day longer.

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