Caravans Salon is working intensively on the Caravanning Festival in Poznań

Caravans Salon

The largest caravanning fair in Europe, the one in Dusseldorf, starts in a few days. Meanwhile, the organizers of the October Caravans Salon Poland are working intensively to make Poznań the largest Caravanning and Tourism Festival in our country.

The organizers inform about the growing number of confirmed exhibitors and large format visitors to the Vanlife / Retro zone. The Rally Przystanek_targi is also very popular and is already record-breaking in terms of attendance. Moreover, on the first day of the fair, on October 21, an important industry conference, Polish Campers & Caravans Conference, will take place.

We also have information about the launch of a gadget shop and two additional events that will be part of the Caravans Salon and Tour Salon block of fairs. In a word, things are still happening in Poznań!

Tickets for the event are pre-sale all the time:

The list of exhibitors is getting longer and longer

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Over 50 companies, including most of the market leaders in Poland, have already confirmed their presence at Caravans Salon Poland on October 21-23. Taking into account the offer of the registered exhibitors, the fair will feature products and services of over 200 caravanning brands. There are still two months to the fair and the list of companies and brands represented will certainly grow significantly.

“I am glad that the exhibitors are very interested in the fair. Every day we get a few more inquiries and prepare new stand offers. It is important that virtually all leaders of the caravanning industry in Poland have already confirmed their presence and we are only waiting for how many new products and premieres can be brought to the fair. Considering that the event is a bit later this year, the chance for a lot of new products is much greater " - emphasizes the director of Caravans Salon, Miłosz Jankowiak

This year's caravanning exhibition is planned in as many as 5 pavilions on an area of almost 40,000 m2 and the organizers expect up to 400 vehicles at the exhibition.

The current Exhibitors Catalog can be found here:ów_CSP2022

Top Vanlifeers on the fair stage and in the Vanlife Zone

Caravans Salon is working intensively on the Caravanning Festival in Poznań – image 2

Also, the Vanlife Zone located in Pavilion 4 has already confirmed many distinguished guests. At the fair in Poznań, both in the Zone and on the Stage, we will meet Kasia and Łukasz from PrzejoVana , who have become the Ambassadors of the event.

There will also be meetings with the leaders of the vanlife scene in Poland. The teams by Bus Przez Świat and Foxes in Eden - will meet the fans on stage on Saturday, October 22nd. In addition, Karol Lewandowski (by bus through the world) will have his stand in Pavilion 6 in the Tour Salon zone, while the popular "Liski" from Foxes in Eden will be found on other days in the Vanlife Zone.

This year's Zone will also be enlarged. The organizers are already informing about 8 teams, in addition to the ones mentioned above, we will meet, for example, Avantura Campers , VandalVan , Tu i Tam We Two , Tripciak Crew or Loverlander, and this is still an open list. More about the Zone:ście

Caravanning, Tourism and Yachts!

This year's Caravans Salon Poland includes not only campers and caravans, but a whole block of fairs and accompanying events. Anyone who buys a ticket to Caravans Salon Poland will be able to take part in several events that take place simultaneously at the Poznań International Fair

Caravans Salon Poland - Caravanning Festival

Tour Salon - 33rd edition of the tourism and region fair

· Yacht Salon - a new event on the Polish sailing map

· Traces of Dreams Travel Festival - 10th edition of meetings with travelers and struggles for the Golden Trace

· CAMPERS & CARAVANS CONFERENCE - 2nd edition of the largest conference in the caravanning industry - Friday, October 21

· TUP TUP Family Travel Festival

For caravanning enthusiasts, a particularly interesting proposition, apart from Friday's Campers & Caravans Conference, may be the yacht, boat and water sports fair - Yacht Salon . It has been known for a long time that the caravanning and motorboat industries have many points of contact and many visitors will be pleased to see displays and camping products as well as those related to boats and water sports.

Caravans Salon gadget collection - sales have started

This year's novelty is also a collection of clothes and accessories - gadgets for caravanning enthusiasts, prepared by the organizers of Caravans Salon. The products can already be purchased in the online store and later they will also appear at the fair in the stationary store.

The clothes have been divided into two series: Vanlife and Caravaning, so that every travel enthusiast will find something for himself. We can choose from several models of T-shirts, caps or nice socks for campers. In total, the collection includes several items.

Gadgets can be seen here:żety_Caravans_Salon

Sold lots for the rally, but it's not the end!

The Przystanek_targi rally organized at the Caravans Salon Poland fair is very popular, as evidenced by the fact that the total of 185 plots has already sold out. However, the organizers reassure you, this is not the end.

“This year's rally enjoys record popularity and today, two months before the event, the plots have almost sold out. However, we have plans to launch an additional zone that will accommodate about 30-40 more crews. If everything goes according to our plan, these additional plots will go on sale at the beginning of September " - says Michal Dublaga Marketing Manager of the fair

The organizers also emphasize that they are constantly working to ensure that the guests have rich rally packages and that what they get is most related to Poznań and Greater Poland, so that the rally is also an opportunity to get to know the region or its products.

Caravanning and Tourism Festival

Taking into account all this information, a real Caravanning and Tourism Festival is being prepared in Poznań from 21 to 23 October, and taking into account the size of the planned exhibition and attractions, probably the largest fair of this type for many years.

More current information about the fair in Poznań can be found here:

Online pre-sale tickets are available at:

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Caravans Salon
Caravans Salon
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