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From January 1, 2021. France has introduced mandatory marking of vehicles above 3.5t stickers with the warning ′ ′ Dead point ′ ′ (′ ′ Attention! Angles Morts ′ ′). This regulation also applies to motorhomes .

The rationale for this decision is concern for the safety of pedestrians , cyclists, motorcyclists and people using scooters. They are often unaware of being invisible to the truck or bus driver.

"Blind Field" - Sticker Guidelines


The size of the stickers is 25Hx17W. They should be placed at the rear and sides of the vehicle, 90 to 150 cm from the road surface.

They must not cover lights, signaling devices, data plates etc.

There is a fine of € 135 to € 750 for missing stickers.

The ready-to-print stickers can be downloaded directly from the website:

Carriers from Germany and the Netherlands do not hide their indignation

Representatives of transport companies from other European Union countries operating in France are very dissatisfied with the new obligation. In their opinion, it was introduced too quickly and without consulting the environment. In many cases, the placement of stickers is impossible due to the structure of the vehicle.

They intend to challenge the decision of the French Ministry of the Interior to the European Commission. They refer to the non-compliance of the obligation to have a sticker with the EU directive on European vehicle approval .

If nothing changes, fees for the lack of a sticker will be applied from 1.04.2021.

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