No more sliding down the scales in Austria

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The vision of verifying the weight of a vehicle on Austrian roads has stirred the imagination of many of us for years. No other topic warms up the temperaments of users participating in discussions on social media portals so red.

Also in our pages, the problem returns like a boomerang. The very prospect of financial penalties and a ban on further driving is obviously unpleasant, but it is also worth looking at the formal aspects of such inspections.

Today we return to you with a handful of relevant information verified at the source and shedding some light on this issue.

Motorhome weighing in Austria

Our fan - Mr. Michał decided to explore this matter from a completely different side. He was intrigued by the way of marking places for random verification of vehicle weight on Austrian roads. So he decided to turn to the Polish Embassy in Vienna, and formulated the question as follows:

Is the sign displayed above the lane ("truck symbol / >2.8T")

a. orders vehicles with an unladen weight > 2.8T or GVW > 2.8T to exit?

b. does the truck sign require the exit of vehicles that are marked in DR only as trucks or also as special vehicles?

Our diplomatic mission not only dealt with the inquiry, but also made the effort to consult numerous institutions in Austria itself. And so we find out that the messages displayed on the information boards along the motorways are activated by the police, and the information contained in the commands refers to the maximum permissible total weight of the vehicle.

Who needs to weigh in in Austria?

Only vehicles marked with pictograms are subject to the exit order for weight control .

Therefore, if "Truck symbol / > 2.8t" is displayed, then vehicles designed to transport goods with a maximum permissible weight of over 2.8t are required to come in for inspection.

However, the classification of the vehicle itself requires clarification. How do Austrian road traffic regulations classify motorhomes with a GVW of 3.5 tons marked in the registration document as special motorhomes?

After all, in Poland this category of vehicle does not include either passenger cars or trucks. So when we see a truck on an electronic board or a sign, we have to pull off due to the fact that the car has a GVM of 3.5 tons? Embassy responds (original spelling):

"According to the information provided so far by ASFINAG and based on information from the legal department of the Austrian motoring, motorcycle and tourist club ÖAMTC , only vehicles marked with pictograms displayed on information boards are subject to the inspection order (it is allowed to distinguish between referrals for weight control of trucks, buses or all vehicles).

weight in Austria

When "Truck Symbol / >2.8T" is displayed, this means:

(a) the check-in order applies to the HGV only if the HGV's maximum authorized weight exceeds the weight stated on the plate; and

(b) that the exit order applies to HGVs. Definition of heavy goods vehicles according to § 2 sec. 1 No. 23 of the Austrian Highway Code ( StVO ) is a "motor vehicle intended for the carriage of goods" (the registration does not matter, only whether the vehicle is a motor vehicle intended for the carriage of goods during this journey. For example: an articulated vehicle without a semi-trailer is not a motor vehicle intended for the transport of goods, and thus it is not a truck within the meaning of § 2 section 1 No. 23 of the Highway Code).

Therefore, since a motorhome is generally not a goods vehicle, this means that a motorhome is not, in principle, a heavy goods vehicle (unless it is only used to carry goods over a specific route).”


It follows that if in a given place the services order a descent to the weighbridge for vehicles with a DMC over 2.7t and there is no pictogram there, then EVERYONE must get off.

If, on the other hand, in addition to the indicated weight, there is also a truck pictogram at the exit point, then only vehicles designed to transport goods are obliged to exit. This obligation does NOT apply to motorhomes.

Maciej Kinal
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