Winne Klimaty by rail!

Winne Klimaty by rail! – main image

We are very happy to announce that the long-awaited by enotourists Train - Wine with wine will depart from the Kraków Główny station on August 28 this year, at 8:30!

Take the train to the vineyard

Once again, we will take you on a one-of-a-kind journey. The most wine train in Poland, with wine tasting on board, will connect Krakow and the 15th International Wine Days in Jasło . He will take you to one of the biggest wine festivals in Poland, and then safely drive you back to Krakow. You do not have to wonder who of you will be the driver and who will taste it - all passengers will enjoy the tastes and cannons of wines.

Wine exhibitors will be waiting for you at the 15th MDW; mainly Polish winemakers, but also importers of wines from other parts of the world. Even the most demanding connoisseurs will have a lot to choose from. Wine tasting is always accompanied by regional food. This time there will also be delicacies. Everyone will find something for himself.

XV International Wine Days in Jasło

They are accompanied by additional attractions: interesting workshops and tastings conducted by recognized sommeliers and invited guests, the possibility of visiting vineyards during the Open Day, thematic exhibitions and the announcement of the results of the Polish Wine Competition organized by the Jasielskie Association of Winemakers and the Association of Polish Sommeliers . The full program of events will be available on the website

Journey plan:

8:08 AM - departure from the Kraków Główny station (Tarnów stop - 9.30 AM)

- tasting Polish wine, goat cheese from Podkarpacie and cheese biscuits

11:00 (around) - arrival at Jasło

- regenerative meal for travelers at the train station in Jasło

- possibility of visiting Jasło - walk to the Market Square, with a guide from the Regional Museum

- individual stay and the opportunity to enjoy all the attractions of the 15th International Wine Days in Jasło

21:00 - departure from Jasło - in the evening

Ticket price: PLN 170.

Tickets available only at:

The ticket price includes:

- a ride in a modern, comfortable train without compartments, equipped with air conditioning and toilets,

- a set of official enotourist souvenirs: a glass with the logo of the XV MDW, necessary during the entire event, a set of information and promotional materials, gadgets and surprises,

- staff experienced in enotourism expeditions, i.e. the crew of Winnicomania,

- tasting Polish wines,

- tasting organic goat cheese from the "Figa" Farm,

- ROKA cheese snacks tasting,

- nice time in wine climates: visiting wine stands and regional products, meetings with producers and other wine lovers ...

If you have any additional questions, write to: [email protected]

Attention! At the event, the rules of PKP apply in accordance with the Transport Regulations available on the website

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event if the number of interested parties is too small or for epidemiological reasons.

The organizers of the event are: Vinum Pro Cultura and Winnicomania, partners: the City of Jasło and Koleje Małopolskie.

Sery is sponsored by: Family Ecological Farm "Figa" ecological traditional goat cheeses from the Maziejuk family.

Cheese snacks sponsored by ROKA.

Media patronage: CampRest, Czas Wina, Ferment. Magazine about wine, Food Service,, Our Vineyards, portal, Gastronomic Review, Association of Women and Wine, Winicjatywa.

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