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Switzerland is a central European country known for several things that have become symbols today - and each time they are symbols of great quality, brand and prestige. For who has not heard of Swiss watches or banks? There is one more thing that made the country almost entirely situated in the high mountains famous. It is solid, clean and gliding among the tops of the cable car. It is in this country that the railway reaches the highest places. The highest railway station in Europe is the Swiss Jungfraujoch, leader of "The top of Europe". It is located at an altitude of 3,454 m above sea level, in a rock tunnel in the Jungfrau region, south of Interlaken.


Let's start with the fact that everyone who wants to visit Switzerland in this way should think about the railway offer. Well, they offer special travel tickets in the Swiss Travel System, which is advantageous because you only need to buy one ticket to have a chance to reach many places. You can buy it for 4, 8, 15 or 22 days or for the entire month. It is also valid on private railways, ships, mail buses and public transport in 37 cities. In addition, its holders receive a lot of discounts on mountain railways (up to 50%), have free admission to about 400 museums, and can also rent a bike at any train station (for CHF 25).


So we can go on a magical journey through vineyards, tunnels, viaducts and glaciers. We can cross the Alps by rail from north to south, and it will not be a normal train ride. For example, part of the Rhaetian Railway, specifically the route between the Albula and Bernina Passes, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since July 2008. Driving it, we will see a picturesque landscape, which consists of charming villages and landscapes of the virgin Alps. If we take the Bernina Express, it will give us an attractive route at the beginning - it passes the Morteratsch glacier, then it climbs the highest European pass through which trains pass (Bernina, at an altitude of 2253 m) and descends to Poschiavo. Those who go further in Brusio will have the opportunity to see the amazing circular viaduct. The journey ends in Tirano, Italy, where palms and sunshine await us.

The aforementioned narrow-gauge Rhaetian Railways are the pearl of Swiss railways. According to many travelers, the section between Chur and St. Moritz is the most beautiful mountain railway route in the world. The real star here is the Glacier Express, which runs from Valais to Graubünden, jokingly called the slowest express train in the world. It passes between Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn and the equally famous St. Moritz at the foot of Mount Bernina, passing Davos on the way. We will cover a total of over 300 kilometers in 7.5 hours - exactly that, because Swiss trains are punctual.

During the ride, we will see 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and 7 valleys, which together form the most picturesque scenery in the Swiss Alps. While driving, you can admire the viaducts, in particular one - the arched Landwasser-Viaduct near Fillisur. From Davos or St. The Moritz expressway goes along the Albula route to Chur. Here it has to overcome more than 400 meters of height difference in 5 kilometers, which is made possible by the spiral system. Then it squeezes through the Swiss Grand Canyon under the steep walls of the Rhine Gorge, overcomes the highest point of the route, which is the Oberalp Pass near Andermatt (2033 m above sea level) and after the Furka tunnel it enters Wallis. Furka-Basis-Tunnel is the most famous tunnel, and it is 15.4 kilometers long. At the end of the journey, the best awaits - through the panoramic windows you can see the famous Matterhorn peak, the national symbol of Switzerland.

At any time, without being distracted from the amazing views, we can take advantage of the rich offer of the elegant restaurant on board the coffee machine or, alternatively, eat something in a stylish railway bar.


Let's not forget the Swiss racks. Europe's highest cable car, the Gornergrat, departs from the famous Zermatt holiday resort every day. In 24 minutes, it traverses a 9339 m long route, passing majestic bridges, galleries and tunnels on the way to Gornergrat. It is a journey among forests, mountain lakes and alpine meadows, right next to deep ravines. The views are breathtaking.

The peak of Gornergrat itself offers an unforgettable experience. It has a sunny viewing platform, available all year round, situated at an altitude of 3,131 m. It is one of the most popular excursion destinations. The platform is surrounded by over 20 four-thousanders, including the Matterhorn and Dufourspitze, and you can also see the Gornergletscher, the second longest glacier in the Alps. It is the perfect place to feel the power of nature and, at the same time, the fragility of yourself.

After driving so many kilometers and seeing so many unforgettable views, we can come back to reality and - literally - go down to earth. Many will think that if Olympus really existed, it would be right here.

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