The power of whey in the Swiss Interlaken

The power of whey in the Swiss Interlaken – main image

Do you want to find an answer to the questions that have been bothering you for years? Or maybe you prefer to blow an alpine horn or rest by the lake where the Big Three is reflected?

Interlaken is a famous Swiss resort known as the "gateway to Jungfrau". It is dominated by the Harder Kulm with a viewing platform called the Bridge of Two Lakes. From it you can perfectly see the shimmering surface of the Brienz and Thun waters and the peaks of the Big Three: Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger. There is a special window in the structure of the platform, through which daredevils can look down. The bridge extends into the valley for a dozen or so meters, so many people will lose their faces when looking at the abyss.

The very top of Harder Kulm is easy to climb - just take the cog railway from the Interlaken train station.

Between the lakes

Harder Kulm

The name of the resort comes from the location, "inter" means "between" and "ilaken" "lake". The town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland. Interlaken not only has numerous monuments, it is also a starting point to the Bernese Alps, offering the opportunity to look at the mountains from a bird's eye view (paragliding), go on a cruise (around Thun and Brienz), get to know the exhibits of the open-air museum (Ballenberg) or finally setting off to meet your cycling adventure. We can rent a double track at both railway stations in the city - eastern and western.

In winter, Interlaken turns into a lively ski resort. Ski enthusiasts can enjoy the slopes (206 km) and the hiking trails (150 km) of the Jungfrau region .

A whey casino

An interesting place is the Congress Center Kursaal Interlaken , established in the 1850s. It is surrounded by a beautiful Spa Park known as the Kursaalgarten. Initially, it was to be used as a SPA and whey pump room, because - quite rightly - it was credited with medicinal qualities. Today we know that this valuable component of milk can be used as a skin care agent or as a medicine to relieve stomach ailments. Hippocrates himself appreciated the potential of whey. However, it was neglected in Interlaken and today the complex serves as a conference and congress facility with hotels, a concert hall for 650 people and banquet halls for 1.7 thousand people. There is also, of course, a casino where visitors can try their luck at games such as American roulette, Black Jack or poker. In total, it offers 124 slot machines .

Alphorn player

There are shows every evening, where you can get acquainted with the folklore of all Swiss regions. Guests can freely join the musicians, sing a folk song, enjoy a feast or play an alpine horn (Alphorn).

Camping in Interlaken

In such a popular region it is easy to find accommodation - although you have to remember to ask for a reservation in advance in the high season. One of the campsites located in the close vicinity of Interlaken is Camping Alpenblick , open all year round. It offers relaxation with a view of the Eiger and Mönch massifs, and is located directly at Lake Thunersee.

Tourists who are hungry for knowledge, who always have more questions than answers, will find their way to Jungfrau Park, Erich von Däniken's vision. And those who are just hungry can try the power of whey.

Camping in Jungfrau

Another beautifully situated campsite is right next door to Camping Jungfrau . It is located 15 km from Interlaken but much closer to the Schilthorn - Mürren / Lauterbrunnen ski area. Both campsites are open all year round, but you have to remember that Jungfrau has an autumn break from the beginning of November to mid-December.

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