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As of 2016, the Midi-Pyrenees (Southern Pyrenees) is no longer a separate region. Together with Languedoc-Roussillon it transformed into Occitania, creating a giga-region that would take more than one, two or even three holidays to visit. Especially since they are themselves larger than, for example, Switzerland. They stretch in the southwest of France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to the wonderful climate, sea, ocean and mountains, they have been attracting tourists for years as well as great French cuisine. One trip is enough to understand why the Midi-Pyrenees is a proven recipe for a successful holiday.

Journey along the road of St. James

Tourists who focus more on sightseeing than vacation when planninga vacation in the Southern Pyrenees will probably create a long list of places to see. What can be on it? Without a doubt, Toulouse - the capital and largest city of the region. It is worth devoting a separate story to her, and certainly a minimum of one day. An important point on the list will also be Rocamadour , considered to be one of the most beautiful places in France. It delights with its magnificent location (on the slope of the mountain), but its main attraction is the sanctuary of the Holy Virgin - a pilgrimage destination for centuries. There is also the Museum of Sacred Art in the village, and there are several caves in the area with prehistoric wall paintings. Rocadamadour is also known for its goat cheese and the annual festival dedicated to this product. Driving about 62 km south, we will find ourselves in Cahors . Like Rocamadour, it lies on the way of St. James, the pilgrimage route to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but not only believers visit them. The city was made famous by vineyards from the times of the Roman Empire, tourists are also attracted by the Roman baths, the cathedral and the "Devil's Bridge" - the Valentré Bridge inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Heading east, we will get to Conques , the next point on the pilgrimage route. Crowds flock to see Sainte-Foy Church as well as the Dourdou Bridge. In addition to being entered on the UNESCO list, both have the status of monument historique, a monument of particular value for France.

Active recreation in France

But the Midi-Pyrenees are not only routes linking places of worship like a chain, they are not only famous churches or old towns. The region pleases the eyes with its beautiful river valleys, sprawling hills and fortified villages, whose narrow streets are covered with cobblestones. Active people who love to get the most out of their vacation have a lot to show off during their stay in the Midi-Pyrenees . Among the many options that await them are balloon flights, mountain climbing, exploring caves or hiking along dozens of routes. The fertile soil provides rich crops, which translates into a diverse regional cuisine. In addition to the wines from Cahors, the Midi-Pyrenees pride themselves on truffles, foie gras and roquefort cheese. They are also proud of the meat and bean cassoulet - a dish that will be loved by every Pole who likes rich and filling traditional cuisine. Baked in clay pots, being a bit of stew and a bit of baked beans, it will put you on your feet even after a day of sightseeing.

Camping in Occitania

Where can we rest better than in the vicinity of the regional park? In the village of Belmont-sur-Rance there is Camping Le Val Fleuri , tempting with its peaceful surroundings, greenery and the nearby meandering river Rance. Tourists expecting silence and privacy will be satisfied with their rest. There is a playground for children, a restaurant with regional dishes, guests also have free access to Wi-Fi. The Grands Causses Regional Park, which surrounds the campsite, impresses with its variety of forms - enormous plateaus stretch around, cut by ravines belonging to the longest in Europe. It is the tourist pearl of Occitania. A night in such a place is a real pleasure for those who love nature. In addition, there are relatively close attractions such as Lake Laouzas, Gorges du Tarn, beautiful castles and tiny, charming villages such as Lacaune.

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