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You can say a lot about Cahors, depending on what attractions of this small French town you want to focus on. It is located in the bend of the Lot River, on the southern edge of the Central Massif. It is an important center of religious tourism - it is located on the pilgrimage route to the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, on the way of St. James. It is also known for the Roman baths and the historic Valentré Bridge, the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Devil's Bridge". However, he was famous not for the monuments, but for the vineyards, but rather the wines produced there, whose color is so deep purple that in the past they were called "black wines" from Cahors.

Souvenirs from a holiday in the Midi-Pyrenees

Cahors is located in the Lot department, in the former administrative region of the Midi-Pyrénées (Midi-Pyrenees), now part of Occitania. The history of the vineyards, which the city owes its fame, goes back to the times of the Roman Empire. Today, Cahors wines are one of the most popular holiday souvenirs in France . When visiting the city, it is worth venturing a bit further, especially if someone likes hiking in the mountains - the surrounding routes are exceptionally picturesque. There are also interesting caves, of which there are quite a few in the area.

While vacationing in this part of the country, tourists often organize trips to larger cities such as Toulouse , where they can see some famous temples, including the St-Sernin pilgrimage church. Tarbes with a nice seat of the mayor, Albi , a city fully inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, or Montauban , in which it is worth noting, among others, is very popular. Museum Ingres, cathedral and town hall. And what can we buy as a souvenir from the trip - apart from wine? Certainly devotional items from the next points on the pilgrimage route (you can pour the wonderful spring water from Lourdes for free), as well as for example ... knives from Laguiole , a town in the Aveyron department. It is famous not only for the production of knives - local cheese products were very popular since the 16th century.


The guilty taste of Cahors

Getting to know more vineyards during a tour of the Midi-Pyrénées , sooner or later we will end up in Cahors. Compared to the climate of its largest competitor, the capital of the New Aquitaine region, the local weather is characterized by lower winter temperatures and less rainfall. The region has a mild Atlantic climate and the sunshine is similar to Bordeaux . In Cahors we will taste only red wine. This is not too much of a limitation given that the taste - like the color - has many shades.


You can start your adventure with the local wine with the Château Lagrézette, an elegant and peaceful draft drink. The Château Eugénie, a solid wine of moderate price, very popular in the British Isles, should also not disappoint, and the Château Ponzac, reputed to be the most regular producer in the entire appeal. Those who are not afraid of (very) high prices can taste the strong, ripe fruit of the Château Cosse-Maisonneuve. Wines from terraces along the river are usually velvety and smooth, they can be stored for several years, while those from the Causse Plateau are heavier, maturing for more than 10 years. Young wines are very fruity, with subtle notes of spices, and with age take on a hint of truffle typical of Cahors wines.

Camping in the vicinity of Cahors


It's hard not to get to know the famous taste of "black wines". On the other hand, nothing prevents you from extending your stay in the region and looking for suitable accommodation. At a distance of 11.5 km from Cahors (going north) there is Camping Quercy Vacances , praised by guests for its calmness and friendly, very helpful staff. Located in a beautiful area, it is an excellent base for sightseeing trips, and on site it provides access to a large swimming pool and relaxation on spacious, shaded lots. Families with children eagerly visit it - the animation program offered by the organizers is very varied. Neither the little ones nor their parents will be bored with it.

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