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Although beautiful and full of magic, Languedoc is not as popular as its sister Provence. This one is associated with lavender fields, blue shutters and landscapes that delighted painters - not only impressionists. Languedoc, on the other hand, remains somewhat in the shadows, although it has a lot to offer. Together with Roussillon, which was not so long ago a separate province, it forms a vast region encompassing the Pyrenees at the Spanish border and the mouth of the Rhone to the east.

Languedoc darkness of the past

Languedoc-Roussillon is an extremely geographically and culturally diverse area. It shows a clear Catalan heritage, ranging from painting houses in vivid colors, through the kitchen (including tapas or bull steaks), and ending with traditions associated more with Spain than France - bullfighting. The history of the region is also colorful, although often blood red was its main color. In Prouille , about 78 km from Toulouse, the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) was born, from which many inquisitors came. In the region, we find numerous castle ruins nestled in steep rocks, silent evidence of his cruel activities. The scene of an exceptionally gloomy event was Béziers , the town where the Cathar massacre took place. Fortunately, it also has a brighter side - Pierre-Paul Riquet, creator of the Canal du Midi, the waterway from the north to the south of France, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, was born there. What other cities would you recommend visiting while on a vacation in Languedoc-Roussillon ? Certainly the aforementioned Toulouse with its beautiful Capitol and a number of monuments that cannot be visited in one day, Carcasonne with the largest medieval urban complex in Europe, as well as Albi, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Narbonne, Nîmes and Montpellier also deserve attention.

Rest with the taste of red wine

Holidays in France are often associated with delicious cuisine, when wine is the finishing touch to every meal. This is especially true here in Languedoc. The vineyards covering the area of the region (including Roussillon) produce 25% of the national production, most of which is dry red. Lovers of sweet or sparkling wines have to look around a bit. In search of their preferred flavors, they can visit, for example, Limoux , located about 25 km south of Carcassonne. They will find chardonnay wines there, and they can also try a drink made from the local mauzac variety, with a slightly carbonated grape juice aftertaste with an admixture of floral aromas. People who prefer freshness and no oxidized notes should avoid expensive wines in heavy bottles from large wholesalers - they will not be satisfied with the price-quality ratio. Coming back to the topic of cuisine, the Languedoc wines brilliantly complement the taste of the dishes. For example, the white Picpoul de Pinet goes well with fish and seafood.

Camping in the Eastern Pyrenees

A holiday in Languedoc-Roussillon is a real balm for the body and soul - it will relax even a stressed corporate employee. And where to look for accommodation in the region? An attractive option for tourists, especially from Poland, may be a stay at a small family camping run by our nice compatriot. We can find him in Fuilla, in the Eastern Pyrenees (Oriental). It provides rest, green surroundings and a calming view of the mountains in the background, which is an effective recipe for a successful holiday for years. It is Camping Le Rotja , where guests can relax in the swimming pool (the little ones have a paddling pool for themselves), there is a restaurant, cafe and grocery store at their disposal, they also have access to the library. You can get rid of excess energy at the ping-pong tables, there is also a bicycle rental on the campsite. That's not all, there is a possibility of kayaking, rafting, exploring the nearby grottos or - a calmer option - fishing. The campsite is approximately 55 km from Perpignan and 3 km from the nearby town with a charming medieval center, Villefranche de Conflents.

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