A patch of sand among the waters - Iztuzu Beach

A patch of sand among the waters - Iztuzu Beach – main image

They call it one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean Sea. They say that Cleopatra would not bathe anywhere else if she discovered this place in front of another Turkish beauty, the star of the Turkish Riviera who bears her name.

Iztuzu is stunning with her beauty, and reaching her requires a lot of effort. However, it is more than appealing to anyone who devotes the time and energy to get to know this beautiful beach. It extends in one of the greenest areas in Turkey, about 40 km from Dalaman. It is 6 km long and forms a strip separating the Mediterranean Sea from the mouth of the Dalyan River, which flows from a nearby lake, then spills out into a wide delta and flows into the sea by the beach. Iztuzu is wide and sandy, it also has a very gentle descent into the water. In the off-season, it is rather quiet here, so you can relax and enjoy the unique beauty of the area.

And it really is what. In addition to the beauty of nature, the attractions of the Dalyan area are monuments in the form of ruins and Lycian tombs carved in the rock, as well as the possibility of taking a mud bath like an Egyptian queen.

Turtle Beach

The easiest (although "easy" is not a very appropriate word here) to get to Iztuzu by boat. We will then go down the river running along winding water channels covered with rustling reeds, among islets and hills covered with pine trees. The river itself, the coast, the aforementioned hills and the nearby Koycegiz Lake lie within the boundaries of the Landscape Park . This means that the stay in this area is associated not only with contact with unparalleled anywhere else natural treasures, but also with certain limitations. One of them is the ban on building right on the beach. The hotels are located near the village of Dalyan - a tiny town that comes alive only in high season, to be an ordinary fishing village for the rest of the year.

You can enjoy the charms of Iztuzu only in the part marked with stakes, only until 8pm. Another restriction is the ban on access to the beach at night. Strict regulations mean the protection of one of the last, if not the only breeding site of Caretta caretta sea turtles that has remained in the Mediterranean region. We can observe the nice creatures in the entire area, although they do not appear on the beach in high season.

Daylan Tombs and Ruins

While staying in this area, it is worth going on a cruise to the ruins of Kaunos . The same course we will sail to Iztuzu beach and to the springs where you can take a mud bath. In low season, cruises are not that frequent due to the difficulties with the number of tourists needed to fill the collective boat. Alternatively, you can bargain and buy the entire cruise for around $ 30 or rent a regular rowboat for half as much. But then you have to set off early in the morning to be back in Daylan before dark.

These ruins contain the tombs of the aristocracy of Kaunos. In the ancient past, there was a port here, but the sediments draped by the river shifted the shore by about 5 km. The tombs are a bit like gates to another world . In the lower parts they catch the eye with bas-reliefs, while in the higher parts they are stylized as an Ionic temple.

Overnight in the Iztuzu area

Iztuzu is a big attraction, so even though hotels cannot be built right next to it, the tourist infrastructure of the Ortaca area catered to the crowds of visitors. Caravanning enthusiasts will probably be interested in the fact that in this exceptionally beautiful region there is a nice Dalyan Camping . For one night's stay we will pay approx. 40 TL - the price includes a parking space for a motorhome, access to a shared kitchen, hot water and electricity. You can use the internet for free in the campsite.

The sweet waters of the Dalyan River on one side and the salty Mediterranean Sea on the other. Turtles, rock tombs, beautiful greenery and warm water. When we add golden sand and great weather to it, we can imagine ourselves on Iztuzu Beach.

A patch of sand among the waters - Iztuzu Beach – image 1
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