A trip to the Romanian mountains - Maramures

A trip to the Romanian mountains - Maramures – main image

The distance between the Maramures Mountains and the good Polish Bieszczady is only 150 km in a straight line. This Romanian region is so culturally different from what we know every day that it is impossible to forget the views seen there.

Maramures is an exotic sounding name for a region located in an equally exotic country, or rather on the border of two countries. The northern part belongs to Ukraine, while the rest belongs to Romania. Moreover, Maramures, also known as Maramures, enters Transylvania administratively, which gives it even more mystery. After all, these lands are shrouded in the legend of the terrifying Dracula, and the gloomy peaks of the Carpathians give the impression that they remember more than one chilling history.

From Krakow, you can get to this mystical land by a relatively straight road, passing by Slovak Kosice, Hungarian Miskolc, and finally Romanian Satu Mare. The route is about 610 km long.

Legends, myths and wooden churches

Tourists who visit Maramures County will see wooden churches first. These temples are typical of this region - they are considered the tallest wooden structures in all of Europe, and their single or double ridge soaring towers catch the eye from a distance.

A trip to Maramures will never be forgotten. Visiting this part of Romania is not about getting to know as many places as possible (not to mention "modern" attractions such as discos or clubs). A drive through this region is a contemplation of the past, an admiration for the raw, almost wild nature. It is a slow inculcation in the area, choking on the extraordinary culture and hospitality of the inhabitants. In the passing villages of Marmarosh we will see archaic country farms, beautiful wooden farms, and at every step we will encounter authentic, still alive folklore.

When in Maramures, you must get to know an unusual place - the Merry Cemetery in the village of Sapanta . It is the only facility of this type in Europe and cannot be compared with anything else. It is blue and decorative, the surprised eyes of tourists do not know what to stop at. Happy epitaphs in the form of scenes from the life of the inhabitants are a permanent element of the tombstones, constituting a kind of village tradition. The painted cemetery was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.

The charms of the Maramures mountains

The region is famous for the extraordinary beauty of its mountains, considered by many to be the wildest mountains of Romania. They are largely inhabited by the Ruthenian population, and in many local villages it is easy to communicate in Polish. While wandering between the peaks, you may not meet a person for many days. These are harsh terrain, unfriendly to tourists who are used to the comforts and gains of civilization. The Marmarosh Mountains are a challenge for experienced enthusiasts of long hikes - and only they should be able to face them. Others will get lost easily and will have to wait for a stroke of luck and some shepherd.

The highest peak is Farcaul (1956 m above sea level), and those who wish to overcome it should start the expedition from the town of Łuha. The village froze in time - local farmers have tractors and horses, and the women still wear traditional scarves.

When visiting Romania, it is definitely worth coming to Maramures. The region is distinguished by lively folklore traditions, austere natural beauty and the warmth of its inhabitants. Time passes much slower here.

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