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A healthy mind is in a healthy body, as the old proverb says. There are many benefits to having an active lifestyle, and it's not just an endorphin injection. It is also worth remembering about it when on vacation, regardless of the place where we are going to rest.

Large holiday resorts are often mini towns. They provide guests with so many attractions that if you insist on it, you would not have to leave them. Usually, however, they are located in such an attractive location that it would be a sin not to do so. This is the case with a campsite located near Caorle, a pretty Italian town in the province of Venice. See for yourself what the 4-star Villagio San Francesco has to offer to tourists.

Active recreation at the campsite

The facility has a lot to be proud of when it comes to every aspect, from location to accommodation. Located right next to the Adriatic coast, it provides vacationers with beautiful views and accommodation by the sea. In addition to the great regional attraction Venice, it is easy and quick to get to.

Virtually every guest will have a great time here. It is a perfect spot for families with kids, couples in love who want to enjoy each other's company or groups of friends visiting Italy. It is also a great place to relax for those who love to exercise, train - generally sweat at the gym. Even on vacation, they do not want to miss the opportunity to jump on the treadmill or use the training bench. Walking and exploring the area is definitely not enough for them! If you belong to this group of people, book a plot or cottage in the Villagio San Francesco area. The gym is open at convenient hours every day.

Villagio San Francesco gym

What is waiting for training-loving tourists at the campsite? Among other things, a swimming pool complex and a well-equipped gym. You will find a new generation treadmill, an exercise bike, a cage, a multi-position bench or a modern cross trainer. This is not all that the center has prepared for sports enthusiasts. If you want to sweat your sweat under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor or instructor, you have an experienced team at your disposal.

In addition to technologically advanced exercise equipment, you can take advantage of a wide range of courses. Do you want to train in a group? No problem, just sign up. Do you prefer individual lessons? They are available every day. You can choose from, among others gymnastics, aerobics, crossfit, yoga or pilates.

Accommodation offer

Since we mentioned the accommodation base of the facility, let's focus on this issue for a moment. Villagio San Francesco is distinguished by several stars for a reason. If you love caravanning, you'll love spacious, nice lots. You can put up a tent on them, park a motorhome or place a caravan. Each morning you will start your day with a view of the sea. Even in the hottest heat, the shade of the trees provides guests with protection from the sun. The pitches are fully equipped (water, electricity, etc.). In addition, the resort has numerous amenities, including toilets for people with disabilities.

If you prefer to rent a 2-person room, a comfortable apartment, a villa or a mobile home, you will be satisfied with the standard offered. Regardless of which option you choose, it will be in a nice environment, among greenery and with quick access to the beach and swimming pools.

Veneto - the perfect holiday destination

Caorle is an extremely picturesque town that can no longer be called an ordinary fishing village. Every year it is visited by crowds of tourists from all over the world. It lies between Bibione and the local star, Venice, and the resort itself has a lot to offer to holidaymakers. It includes, among others fishing port, restored old part, boulevards, and a water park. Despite numerous attractions, Caorle has not lost its unique atmosphere. It is also not (perhaps yet) as crowded and trampled as the aforementioned Venice or other larger centers.

If you are considering a holiday in this region, consider coming here. You will surely enjoy your stay at Village San Francesco, so do not hesitate to book your place.

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