At the end of the language, a trip to Norway

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Troll's Tongue - Trolltunga

The saying "to have something on the tip of your tongue" is known to everyone. However, not everyone has had the opportunity to translate this metaphorical statement into a real act and find themselves on the tip of the tongue. Specifically, the language of the troll, that is, to stand on a rock protruding over the abyss. It is an adventure not so much for lovers of linguistics and word games, but for lovers of adrenaline.

The aforementioned Troll Tongue is also known as Trolltunga , a rock located in Norway. Whoever has had the opportunity to visit this beautiful, albeit austere country, knows that mountain trips on Norwegian rock formations have nothing to do with polite traversing the beaten track in the Pieniny Mountains. The conquerors of the peaks have the opportunity to admire views that cannot be compared with anything else, and without any protection. In order to understand what it is about, it is enough to give an example of the famous Preikestolen cliff - a jagged giant hanging over a precipice, without even any chain barriers. A real suicide fantasy and chilling views for anyone suffering from fear of heights.

Trolltunga is as striking as its famous brother. It extends over a precipice about 700 meters high. Where can we find her? Near the town of Tyssedal, on the edge of the Hardangervidda plateau.

The trail among the rocks

With the plan to play a Norwegian troll on the nose and carelessly walk on his tongue, we can stop earlier in the town of Odda to admire the local fjords. Funnily enough, this is indeed the right place for linguistics fans. A fascinating phenomenon has developed here, called by linguists "a Koiné language" - a new dialect, which is a mixture of the languages of migrants who came to these areas at the beginning of the 20th century to work in the world's largest metallurgical plant. Researchers are also fascinated by the fact that in Tyssedal, which was developing at the same time, lying 6 km to the north, a completely different dialect was developed.

But let's get back to our tongue from the rock. The trip starts in the aforementioned Tyssedal, and more precisely at the station of the disused Mågeliban cable car. The starting point of the trail is located here, as well as a parking lot where you can leave your vehicle. Here, too, you should immediately realize that it is a long and tiring walk. Therefore, if someone does not feel strong enough to go fast enough, they can use poles - on this trail they will be useful like anywhere else. Already the first section of the trail is very steep, the path is narrow, and it also leads uphill with serpentines over stones. Tourists who like to make their lives easier choose the wooden safety steps of the cable car, although it is forbidden. Despite being tired, let's not follow in their footsteps, not only because there are more than 2,500 steps, and their condition leaves much to be desired (many of them are rotten and wet, which makes them slip).

The "legal" section of the trail leads to the plateau. When we reach it, we walk for several kilometers on a relatively even ground. Then we have to climb up again, but on the rocks and with a slightly milder angle (compared to the first section). At every stage of the trail, the landscapes are delightful - as long as the land is not enveloped in fog. In any case, the landscapes are beautiful as long as the ground is not foggy. Everything will delight us: rocks, the view from the plateau, murmuring streams and glistening lake surfaces. We will be charmed by the subtle colors of mountain vegetation. Moreover, we will not meet crowds here, which is an additional advantage for tourists who do not like too much commercialism.

The one-way trail to Trolltunga is about 12 kilometers, and the difference in altitude is over 3,000 meters in total. meters. Usually the trip takes around 10 hours .

Camping, hotel or guesthouse?

A trip to a scrap of troll language takes time, and the fatigue that will accompany us will mobilize us to look for a place to stay. The more that the area is captivating and deserves more attention. It would be a good idea to stop at Odda Camping (Jordalsveien 29, Odda). It is located on Lake Sandvinsvatnet, 2 km from the center of Odda and the Hardangerfjord. Moreover, it is 6 km from the famous Låtefoss Falls and 5 km from the campsite to Buer, where you can admire the rugged beauty of the Buerbreen Glacier. Troll's Tongue starting point is 14 km away. In other words, it's the perfect place for someone who plans to stay longer and visit the surrounding attractions.

The campsite offers guests 60 pitches for tents, caravans and campers. It is open all year round and has wireless Internet access. You can also buy souvenirs created by local artists. In terms of prices, a motorhome pitch costs NOK 150 per day, an adult is NOK 10, and a child costs NOK 5.

Regardless of what type of accommodation we choose and where we stay, we will have a wonderful time spent among the raw beauty of nature. It will be an unforgettable adventure - even if we are not linguists.

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