Sunfish from Hirtshals

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Those who travel to the north of Denmark may encounter animals that arouse amazement with their appearance. They will see sunfish floating in a huge aquarium, they will also see happy seals and all the flora of the North Sea.

Lovers of marine fauna and flora look for new places on the map where they can see exotic creatures from the ends of the world. One of them is located in Hirtshals, Denmark, at the very tip of Jutland.

This is the most interesting Danish oceanarium, called Nordsøen Oceanarium, the largest facility of this type in northern Europe.

Nordsøen – North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals

The heart of the oceanarium, attracting tourists from various countries, is a gigantic aquarium with a capacity of 4.5 million liters. Standing next to him, you can lose the sense of time and reality and, above all, feel fragile, tiny and small. In the sea water on the other side of the thick glass, not only sharks, flatfish and rays, but also huge sunfish move around. They make the greatest impression on tourists - not only because of their size (specimens of this species weigh up to 2 tons), but also because of their original shape.

The oceanarium's sunfish are named Andrea and Anton. They are much smaller than their free-swimming brethren - Andrea weighs less than 300 kilograms. Visitors can see the giants perform and listen to a diver who talks about their customs.

An entry ticket to the oceanarium costs DKK 185 for an adult, while a ticket for a child costs DKK 90.

Hirtshals attractions

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The Oceanarium is undoubtedly the largest, but not the only tourist attraction in Hirtshals . Anyone who visits the city will probably visit the lighthouse sooner or later. It serves as a viewing point for visitors. The beaches and the walking and shopping streets with 9 supermarkets and 60 thematic shops are also beautiful and tempting. There are also galleries and about 20 cafes in the city.

Another attraction the town is famous for is FunPark Hirtshals . Approximately 70 different animals live on an area of 30 ha, including ponies, goats and deer, as well as more exotic species such as raccoons, coatis and lovebirds. In beautiful surroundings, children can play Indian, ride horses or learn archery, while parents relax with a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe. You can also have a picnic here.

The charm of Hirtshals is added by its picturesque fishing harbors, perfect for romantic walks. Travelers looking for longer trips can board a ferry - it departs from the town to, among others, Norway.

Where to stay for camping in Denmark?

As befits a place crowded with tourists, Hirtshals has a very well-organized accommodation base. There are many hotels waiting for guests, and there are also quite a few campsites, including several offering beautiful views - they are located right next to the sea. One of them is the year-round Tornby Strand Camping .

This peaceful campsite on the Jutland peninsula is just 5 km south of Hirtshals. The immediate surroundings of the campsite are the beaches of the North Sea, including Tornby Beach. The campsite has indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The camping environment will appeal to families with children. There you will find forests, dunes and wide beaches.

Campers can quickly get to Skagen, Blokhus and Hjørring thanks to frequent buses. There are many cycling and walking routes around, and the Uggerby River offers great opportunities for relaxation and fishing.

Campsites in Denmark have a lot to offer to people who come there for the raw nature and authentic Scandinavian atmosphere.

Sunfish from Hirtshals – image 1
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