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Camping Brioni is the perfect place for a family vacation or a holiday getaway with friends. Easy access, numerous amenities and the beautiful surroundings of the Brijuni National Park or the bustling city of Pula create the perfect conditions for a peaceful vacation in a beautiful place surrounded by pine trees.

Accommodation is possible in spacious, separate plots, houses for rent or even a hostel, which is most often used by larger groups of friends. During their stay, adults can enjoy a diving center, a picturesque pebble beach with two bars, and the youngest ones are provided by the Maro Club playground. Many water sports are also popular, which can be practiced in or on the shore. On the campground you can use the market, eat delicious dishes in the restaurant or have a drink in one of the two bars. Additional amenities such as an internet corner or a newspaper kiosk will keep you in touch with your loved ones.

Nature untouched by civilization

The area around Camp Brioni is a perfect place to spend time, both for young people looking for fun and families visiting Croatia with children. Brijuni National Park is a charming area consisting of fourteen islets in the northern Adriatic Sea and inviting to visit with numerous attractions. In addition to admiring the unique fauna and flora, which is one of a kind, you can visit here, for example, the safari park, which will please not only the youngest, but certainly also adults. You can see elephants, lamps and camels living here up close. The island's legend is Koki - a large parrot, 52 years old. This specimen is representative of one of the rarest bird species. The ethno park adjacent to the safari shows the traditional life in Istria, and the bird sanctuary called Saline allows you to observe these unusual flying creatures in their natural environment. Brijuni Park is also a Mecca for diving enthusiasts. Rich fauna and flora have settled here not only above the water surface, but also below it. When looking into the underwater world, you can meet turtles, dolphins, many species of fabulously colorful fish, seahorses and many other animals that are simply impossible to mention. Some of them are protected species and impossible to meet anywhere else.

The bustle of Pula and crazy fun until sunrise

Communing with natural, untouched nature is not the end of the attractions near the Brioni campsite. Pula, the largest city on the Istrian peninsula, is a great way to visit and have fun even until dawn. The location on seven hills and among the picturesque bay guarantees unforgettable views, and numerous monuments - an unforgettable experience. The crowds are attracted, among others, by the amphitheater, which is considered to be one of the three best-preserved amphitheaters of Ancient Rome. The Gate of Hercules built in the 1st century or the Arch of Sergius from the same period are also a must-see. For lovers of sacred buildings, it will be a real experience to visit the Temple of Augustus or the Chapel of Santa Maria Formosa. After the sightseeing, it is worth going for a stroll through the winding streets of the city to simply soak up its unusual atmosphere, and in the evening it is necessary to go crazy in the clubs, which are abundant in the main promenade. They attract not only with a great design, but also with world-famous DJs who play the greatest summer hits live. After you've finished playing, don't go back to the camping right away. Sit on a nearby beach and watch the most beautiful sunrise you will ever see.

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