Camping Włochy – odpoczynek na łonie natury tuż przy włoskiej plaży

Camping Włochy – odpoczynek na łonie natury tuż przy włoskiej plaży – main image

Italy is a beautiful country full of picturesque beaches and islands where you can admire lush vegetation untouched by human activity. The surroundings of the warm Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea result in the development of campsites, especially near sandy beaches, which are increasingly becoming as popular as traditional hotels.

In many respects, they are more recommended than hotels, including the possibility of taking a dog with you or the desire to relax outdoors, away from technology. What's more, modern Italian campsites can be as comfortable as hotels of the highest standard!

Hotel vs. camping – which is a better choice?

A hotel seems to be a familiar and convenient solution - everyone knows what to expect from a hotel room. What is its convenience? Mainly on a clean bed, access to your own bathroom, and additional hotel services such as regular cleaning. Importantly, modern Italian campsites also offer all these amenities. At the same time, in some respects they may even exceed the capabilities of traditional hotels. For example, we are talking about the greater privacy provided by independent houses, compared to hotel rooms separated only by a thin wall.

What is a camping holiday in Italy like? You can stay overnight in your own tent or camper. There are also tents, campers and cottages for rent available on site. The cottages are traditional small holiday buildings - inside there are several independent rooms, thanks to which the whole family has a sense of privacy and complete freedom.

Interestingly, separate rooms can also be found in tents. These are not low sports models used during off-road expeditions. Tents at campsites are tall and comfortable structures usually placed on wooden terraces. Many of them are equipped with complete sanitary facilities, including access to running water, a toilet and a shower, and even a kitchenette and basic cooking equipment.

Campsites, like traditional hotels, offer various types of additional hotel services. The price of renting a house or tent often includes regular cleaning. In some centers, even ready-made meals can be served straight to your door upon request.

Camping Włochy – odpoczynek na łonie natury tuż przy włoskiej plaży – image 1

Beautiful views admired from the tent

The landscape seen from the window in a hotel room is something completely different than the view of the beautiful, densely covered Italian hills from your own tent. In such circumstances you have the impression of being much closer to what you see. The window glass itself becomes a certain barrier, while at the campsite accommodation is usually located in the middle of the most beautiful surroundings.

Of course, not all campsites in Italy offer direct access to the beach or a constant view of the sea waves lapping the coast. There are also many resorts located a bit deeper in the country, and no wonder - apart from warm beaches, Italy is also a place full of attractions and world-famous cities that are worth seeing. A region that can serve as a great example is Tuscany. On the one hand, famous for its picturesque views, it also attracts tourists, among others, through Florence, dotted with monuments, or Pisa, with its recognizable Leaning Tower.

Extensive camping resorts in Italy

Italian campsites are not only places full of tents, houses and campers. The area of such facilities is fenced, and various attractions, venues and points are available to all guests. Popular campsites have plenty of restaurants, various shops and markets, laundries, and attractions for children.

The youngest on the campsites can play right next to the rented house or take advantage of the attractions organized in the resort. They vary depending on the accommodation you choose. The most common campsites include playgrounds, playrooms and swimming pools, including extensive water parks with slides. Centers that place particular emphasis on adapting their offer to the needs of families with children can also organize various types of events, games with an animator, activities resembling summer camps, or performances.

Extensive camping resorts in Italy offer a lot of open space, completely available to the resort's guests. The number of attractions on site makes it easy to spend a successful day without leaving the campsite. In addition, beautiful views, proximity to nature, the possibility of taking a dog with you or resting on a hammock - all this is difficult to put a price on, but it is certain that compared to a traditional hotel, campsites can be a much more interesting choice for your holiday.

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