Cliffs of Moher

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There is a place where gigantic rocks covered with moss emerge from above the foamed water surface. Their juicy green harmonizes wonderfully with the turquoise water. This is the Cliffs of Moher, the pearl of the Irish coast.

The Cliffs of Moher (Cliffs of Moher) is one of Ireland's greatest tourist attractions. Made of sandstone and limestone, they stretch for about 8 kilometers and reach a height of 214 meters at the highest point. It was created by the power of nature - rainwater was gradually washing away the limestones, carving fancy forms in the rock. They are part of the Burren and are found in the West of Ireland, County Clare.

Mohair Cliffs

The Cliffs of Moher extend from the village of Doolin, known as the Mecca of Irish music (there is the best music store and cafe in one in all of Ireland), to Hag's Head, a headland aptly named Witch's Head. At their top rises an observation point, the 19th century stone O'Brien's Tower , a tower built by Cornelius O'Brien, King of Ireland. A fenced walkway has been built along the cliffs where you can stroll around and admire the views.

On the already mentioned Burren plateau there are many megaliths, including the Poulnabrone dolmen , the most famous of its kind in the whole country. According to calculations, it was built at the turn of the Neolithic and Irish Bronze Age, that is about 4.5-5 thousand years ago. The Celts believed that dolmens were doors to the afterlife, opening on holidays such as beltaine or samhain when the boundaries between the reality of the living and the dead were weakened.

The Burren itself is extremely interesting, but at the same time a bit disturbing. Almost uninhabited (larger towns are located mainly on the outskirts of the land), it gives the impression that life existed here centuries ago, but has long since disappeared. The Aillwee cave is located on the plateau. Its main attraction is the underground waterfall, and there is a great view in front of the entrance. If someone gets hungry while sightseeing, they can visit a small restaurant located here and taste delicious potato dishes.

Cliff fauna

The cliffs are not only beautiful but also full of life. The abundance of bird species that inhabit them is especially impressive. Among the species that can be observed there are gulls, hawks and fulmars. It is also the only place in the whole country where puffin colonies have their own.

In the central part of the Mohair Cliffs there is a huge Visitor Center . It was put into service in 2007 and its construction cost over 30 million euros. Its interior houses souvenir shops, restaurants, as well as exhibition halls and multimedia presentations.

Guests wishing to be on the observation deck and in the Visitor Center itself must pay a fee. It also includes the cost of parking. Adults will pay 6 euros, seniors, students, disabled people and retirees - 4 euros. Children up to 16 years of age can enter for free. Admission to O'Brien's Tower is also paid. Adults pay 2 euro and children 1 euro.

For an adventure meeting - Croaghaun

If someone would like to face the steep cliffs of Ireland and would like to use the climb up the Cliffs of Moher only as a warm-up before the actual effort, the Croaghaun awaits him. They are over three times higher than the more famous, even commercial Moher, and what's more, they are the third highest cliffs in Europe.

Adrenaline junkies will find it on Achill Island. From the north, Mount Croaghaun flows very steeply into the ocean, which can make anyone dizzy from its summit. The views are stunning and it's not just the cliffs themselves. Lovers of marine fauna have a great chance to observe porpoises and bottlenose dolphins, and in September and October, peregrine falcons teach their young to fly here.

I do not think you need to convince anyone that it is worth coming to the green island.

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