Inverness, or visiting Nessie

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In tourists' dreams, Nessie swims calmly in the middle of the lake, crossing the surface of the water with her long neck. Its stately silhouette is clearly outlined against the rocks, and the silence is broken only by a gentle splash.

It can be safely assumed that the slogan "Loch Ness lake" evokes clear associations with the mysterious monster floating in it. If someone plans to go to these areas, he will quickly find out that there are many more to see here than the likenesses of the aforementioned Nessie, which can be found at every step - from souvenirs in the form of plush mascots, to figurines, mugs and key rings.

On the Loch Ness lake

The famous lake is located in the north of Scotland, in the Highland area. It is located in close proximity to the city of Inverness, with a population of approximately 50,000. This city is characterized by a typical island climate, which in the long run can make life difficult for tourists who are not used to the vagaries of the aura. For someone who wanders further north, Inverness will be the last major center - beyond it there are only mountains, vast wastelands reminiscent of the scenery from "Macbeth" and smaller towns. Some argue that this is where the real, rough Scotland begins.

On the other hand, residents of remote northern towns visit Inverness to shop, so you can meet customers from Durness and Thurso at the department stores here. Loaded, they return home by car or public transport - trains and buses travel to the deep north.

Polish accents in the north of Scotland

Inverness is a town where tourists from Poland can feel exceptionally at home. There are quite a lot of compatriots who came here to work there. You can often hear the Polish language on the streets and find familiar products in shops.

Inverness is the capital of the region famous for whiskey. Dozens of distilleries are located on the slopes and in the valleys, many of which open up their interiors to the public. It is worth taking the opportunity to see with your own eyes how Scottish fire water is made. As in wineries, tasting can be done on site, but a trip to test the strength of your taste buds could be extremely short. After all, we are talking about drinks, the percentage of which oscillates between 40-45%, and even more.

Things to do in Inverness

Although the town does not impress with its size, there are many places worthy of attention of every tourist. Its great advantage is its location, as it lies on the green bank of the Ness River. One of the most characteristic landmarks of the city is Inverness Castle, standing proudly on a hill. Part of the building is the seat of the court, and the other part is open to the public. From the top of the hill you have a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings. According to the legend, in the past there was another castle near the castle, in which Macbeth was supposed to kill Duncan.

A big attraction - apart from the Loch Ness lake itself - is the Urquhart Castle standing on its shores, one of the largest buildings of this type in Scotland. The turmoil of history meant that today it is more a ruin than a building, yet it still makes a great impression on tourists.

It is definitely worth spending a while while exploring Clava Cairns. These are prehistoric tombs, which are a kind of local equivalent of Stonehenge. Another attraction of the area is Fort George, a magnificent fortification structure.

Overnight with Nessie

If someone plans to visit a lovable monster that no one has seen, but everyone says it exists, they don't have to worry about overnight. Camping Bought Park Caravan Park & Campsite, located in Inverness, is waiting for caravanning enthusiasts. Two people will pay £ 16 a day for their stay and a motorhome pit. Laundry (£ 3), Internet (£ 2) are available on site, and electricity costs £ 4.

Tourists spending the night in the atmospheric Inverness wake up refreshed. They dream of Nessie, whom they looked for so eagerly during the day - because he decides when and to whom to show himself.

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