Fireworks on Lake Annency

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A precious gem shimmers in the sun at the foot of the Alps. It is a lake famous for its purity, situated next to the town straight from postcards. The sage blooms in the stone pots, and the geraniums are pink on the black balustrades. Annecy is colorful and cheerful, with music and bustle in summer.

Some lakes are famous for their impressive size, others - for their depth or a large population of a rare species living in them. The French lake of Annecy owes its fame to something else, namely the incredible purity of the water. It is considered to be one of the cleanest water reservoirs in Europe.

Pearl of the Alps

Lake Annecy is surrounded on three sides by mountain peaks, which is why many people refer to it as the "pearl of the Alps" . For years, it has been attracting water sports enthusiasts. The region is popular with enthusiasts of mountain climbing, hiking, and in recent years also paragliding. You can glide along the lake with an instructor, and those who prefer direct contact with nature can circle the reservoir on foot or by bike.

The lake is beautiful, but not only it attracts the attention of tourists. When coming here on vacation, it is worth devoting at least a few hours to the nice town of the same name. It is especially tempting in summer due to numerous outdoor events. Soon, on the first Saturday in August, the Fête du Lac , a famous festival, takes place, during which viewers can admire the largest pyrotechnic show in Europe. The main attraction is a 70-minute show of fireworks, lights and special effects, all to the beat of the music. The festival attracts crowds of tourists - this year the organizers expect 200,000. guests.

Annecy - the treasure of Savoy

Annecy is a historic city with a picturesque old part, canals and a maze of narrow streets. Despite its small size, it is fully self-sufficient - we can find, among others, restaurant, shop, bakery, bank, pharmacy and pizzeria. Tourists enjoy strolling between Renaissance tenement houses, gazing at the slender Gothic towers.

The oldest building in the city is the castle on the hill, in which three museums have their seats. It is worth noting that apart from the castle, there are seven more, including the Museum of Children's Art and Toys , which are a great attraction not only for children. Also of interest is the Bell Museum, situated in a former foundry. It was performed, among others, by the bell "Savoyard" weighing 19 tons. Today it can be admired in the Sacre Coeur basilica on the Parisian Mont-Martre hill.

Cheese shopping day

The historic district stretches over the canals of the Thiou River, flowing further into Lake Annecy. A picturesque marina is adjacent to the narrow streets of the old part of the city. Along the shores of the lake there is a large public park called the Garden of Europe . The Savoy authorities have funded a rich arboretum in which East Asian Ginkgo biloba and American giant redwoods grow. It is a beautiful place for relaxation.

The old part of Annecy, on the other hand, is by no means quiet, especially on market days, which are Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Then the streets and squares populate with customers, and farmers come from all over the region. The goods sold include, among others original Savoy cheeses .

Overnight at Lake Annecy

Those interested in finding a campsite as close to Annecy as possible can stay at Camping International du Lac Bleu . It is open from April 5 to September 21, 2014. It is located about 2 km from the city, right on the lake. For a place for a motorhome and two people, we will pay 18.5-43 euro, depending on the season. The campsite has a swimming pool, guests also have access to a sandy beach.

A holiday by the lake guarantees a lot of attractions and no boredom. Already in the nineteenth century, Annecy received the award of the Minister of Commerce, Art and Tourism in the field of organizing free time. It is enough to come here in the summer to find out that it is a well-deserved title.

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