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Eindhoven is not famous for its beautiful monuments, but Vincent van Gogh himself appreciated its beauty, immortalizing the water mill standing here on canvas. What else tempts the city of skyscrapers and brick housing estates?

In the Dutch province of South Brabant, on the Dommel River, lies Eindhoven, the fifth largest city in the Netherlands. It is a multicultural center where both modern glass skyscrapers and charming single-family houses can be found. You can shop here in huge shopping malls and in tiny shops in the "1001 trifles" style.


Eindhoven – a city without a soul?

Eindhoven may not be as beautiful and atmospheric as Rotterdam or Amsterdam, and it will not delight lovers of monuments as much as fans of contemporary architecture. There are those who call it a city without a soul. However, it is worth giving it a chance to be enchanted by something else - for example, the offer of renowned restaurants (especially restaurants on Dommelstraat) or the abundance of bicycle paths, creating a well-organized network with tunnels and lighting.

What is worth seeing in Eindhoven? Certainly the Hovenring (Ring of the Hovens'), the world's first circular bicycle path with a diameter of 72 meters. The city's attractions also include the Light Tower (Lichttoren) with illumination, the 90-meter-high Vestedatoren apartment building and Witte Dame - a historic Philips factory. Tourists also often direct their steps to De Admirant , a 105-meter tower with a shopping mall, which is the tallest building in the city.

Eindhoven Festivals

People visiting Eindhoven appreciate the range of cultural events that take place there. In June there is a balloon festival called Eindhoven Ballooning , and in August there is Park Hilaria, a festival during which John F. Kennedylaan Street is filled with crowds. You can then get acquainted with dishes from all cuisines of the world, participate in games, entertainment and music concerts, or watch street theater performances.


In September, the Lichtjesroute , a parade of lights, takes place to commemorate the city's liberation from German occupation. It is a very impressive event - over 20 km of the street, the streets are decorated with thousands of light bulbs, giving the whole thing a slightly festive character (making it look like a Christmas town).

People interested in modern architecture should definitely visit Eindhoven in October - they will definitely enjoy Dutch Design Week - or in November, during Glow: Forum of Art and Light in Architecture .

The biggest sports attractions include football matches of the PSV Eindhoven club . They are played at Philips Stadion, which can accommodate 36,500. viewers.


Campsite near Eindhoven

Near the border with Belgium, in Eersel, there is a 5-star Holidaypark TerSpegelt , which can be reached from Eindhoven via the A67 motorway in less than half an hour. It offers places on a large campsite, located in a beautiful location, by the water, among greenery. For a pitch for a camper (up to 4 people) we will pay from 30 to 49 euros/day.

The facility is loved by both families with children and people who want to spend an active holiday. You can take part in a wide range of recreational activities for guests of all ages (including wall climbing, ratfing or sliding on the waves behind a motorboat), there are also numerous sports fields and a marina. It is difficult to list all the attractions that can be found in TerSpegelt. It was no exaggeration to award it the title of Campsite of the Year 2015.

Water sports enthusiasts will have a great time here, and if they still haven't had enough fun, they should visit the Nationaal Zwemcentrum de Tongelreep . It is the largest swimming center in Europe (with a water park), and is located in Eindhoven, near Genneperparken.

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