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Today it is hard to imagine that exile to a beautiful island covered with Mediterranean vegetation can be a punishment. For Napoleon, however, it was quite painful, given that he was an ambitious person and, if he could, he would control several places at once, instead of being stuck on a piece of land surrounded by water. Meanwhile, it is enough to get to know this piece of land to envy the French emperor more than sympathize.


Italian vacation

Elba is the largest of the Tuscan Islands archipelago and the third largest island in Italy. It is situated on the border between the Mediterranean and the Ligurian Sea, and is approx. 10 km away from the coast. The long (almost 147 km) coastline attracts thousands of people every year for whom vacation in Italy is the time of sunbathing. There are beautiful beaches with golden sand and rocky, unfriendly to bare feet. The first group includes, among others Marina di Campo , Fetovaia or Cavoli, and to the second - Capo Bianco and Le Ghiaie. There are many steep cliffs on Elba, natural obstacles preventing you from reaching the wildest places by non-sea routes. The island teases the tourist this way, both tempting and demanding. The persistent ones are rewarded with views of picturesque coves, colorfully colored cliffs and lush greenery. Elba is also a place with the atmosphere of a fishing village. It is loved by divers, both beginners, who can explore, for example, the Pomonte wreck, lying on the bottom at a depth of 10 meters, as well as professionals. They prefer places like Capo Stella , where smooth-skinned moray eels swim between the red coral. On land, tourists spend their time equally interesting - on excursions, mountain climbing and a number of other activities (including a cable car trip to the top of Monte Capanne).


Rest in Portoferraio

The main city of Elba is Portoferraio , named by Admiral Nelson as the most perfect port in the world. To the east and west it is protected by two harbors, and to the north it is cut off by a high rocky shore. There is a building in the resort that used to be the place of exile of a great commander of small stature. To this day, the 13 rooms in Villa dei Mulini look the same as on the day the French emperor left them. Tourists can visit, among others an Egyptian room with hieroglyphic walls, a bedroom and a study, and a large living room and library. The villa is one of the two residences where the Sovereign of Elba Island stayed at the time of his exile. During your tour of Portoferraio , you can go to Fort Stella, from where you can see the bay, the houses of the old part of the city, Fort Falcone, and the port and bastion of Linguella.


As it is the capital of the island, there are many pubs, ice cream parlors, restaurants and supermarkets here. During your holiday on Elba, it is worth exploring towns such as Porto Azzurro with its typical Tuscan buildings or Lacona , which has an amusement park and several camping sites. It is an ideal resort for those who want to spend a family holiday in Tuscany .


Camping in Elba

For tourists who dream of relaxing in the Garden of Eden, something special awaits Elba. One of the greenest spots on the island is The Tourist Village Rosselba Le Palme , a complex with spacious lots and a large swimming pool. Its greatest advantage is its location - it is the only campsite in Europe located in the botanical garden of the enchanting Giardino dell'Ottone. Its guests can relax on specially designated plots, in the shade of palm trees and tropical trees. We can find plant species from all over the world, including the blue palm (Brahea Armata). Walking around the campsite, you get the impression that you are not in Italy, but in the remote tropics. Lush vegetation touches the heart with its beauty, but camping has other advantages. It is a great place for fans of diving, as well as "ordinary" sunbathers who want to sit on a sun lounger and enjoy the fresh breeze from the Tyrrhenian Sea. From the rich accommodation offer, guests can choose tents, caravans or campers, they can also be tempted to a luxurious holiday in well-equipped cottages (glamping). The only thing that can make holidaymakers feel sad is knowing that you must leave Elba one day and end your vacation.


Sunset in Capoliveri

About the town Capoliveri is hardly mentioned in the guidebooks, which is a pity, because the city is worth visiting. It is worth coming here in the afternoon to admire the sunset against the background of old tenement houses. A view like from a postcard guaranteed! After sunset, head to the Pozzo Vecchio restaurant for a delicious arrosticini. The owner, Cristian Carafa, will personally make sure that your evening in his restaurant is a truly enjoyable one.


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