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It would seem that it is difficult to compete for tourists, being the only province in the country without access to the sea. Meanwhile, Spanish Lleida, located in the western part of Catalonia, does not have to be ashamed that there is nothing to make up for. Because it does, and it does.

The most important inland Catalan city

The location of the Lleida province is a great asset for a tourist wishing to intensively explore the attractions of Spain . What can we say about its capital? Lleida (Lérida) is not as famous and popular as Zaragoza, let alone Barcelona, but it is growing very fast. Located on the banks of the River Segre, it is an important scientific and commercial center, and has good rail connections. After relaxing in Barcelona, tourists often pass through Lleida on their way deep into the Iberian Peninsula. The main attractions of the city are two cathedrals - the 13th-century Catedral de la Seu Vella, with a tall tower and courtyard with 17 huge arches, and the newer, baroque Catedral Nueva. It does not make such an impression as the older temple towering over Lleida, but it is also worth seeing. The old town hugs the hill with the Catedral de la Seu Vella visible from a distance and hugs the right bank of the river. Parallel to Segre runs the representative shopping street - Carrer Major, while on the other side of the river is the Cappont district, where the new university campus is located. While strolling through the streets of Lleida, it is worth taking a closer look at the ancient gate to the city, the Gardena Castle, built by the Templars, as well as the magistrate building, i.e. the Paerii Palace, built in Romanesque style. Approx. 27 km away is Belaguer , an interesting town with an Arab and Jewish quarter, the castle of the Counts of Urgel and Gothic temples. It's nice to get lost in the tangle of narrow medieval streets.


Attractions of the Catalan province

Lleida is adjacent to the provinces of Barcelona, Tarragona and Zaragoza, and to the north - to the Principality of Andorra and France . It attracts the mountainous landscapes of the Pyrenees and tempts nature lovers, eager to visit the Parque Nacional de Aigüestortes y Lago de San Mauricio . The national park is criss-crossed by dozens of hiking trails where you can meet rare representatives of mountain fauna (including ermines, chamois, vultures and eagles). In the park and in its vicinity, you can admire raw rocky slopes, beautiful streams, green meadows and almost a hundred glacial lakes. Among the latter, the picturesque Estany de Mar and Estany de la Colomina deserve special attention. At the entrance to the park is the Vall de Boí valley, with charming villages with Romanesque churches. The most beautiful of them, Sant Climent de Taüll, stands in Taüll, and its interior is decorated with medieval wall paintings. Noteworthy temples can also be found, among others in Durro and Boí. In addition, from the second town, off-road vehicles take tourists to the national park. These churches belong to the group of nine temples entered on the UNESCO list - we know them as Catalan Romanesque churches from the Vall de Boí valley .

Campsite in the town of Solsona


Tourists who would like to find accommodation in Catalonia , and at the same time look for a quiet place surrounded by greenery, will be fully satisfied with the offer that Càmping el Solsonès has prepared for its guests . It is an ecological campsite, perfect for a family holiday (it has, among others, a mini zoo, a playground and a sports field). Everyone who likes walking or would like to explore the area by bike, will also appeal to lovers of mushroom picking. Guests can explore the attractions of the region on their own, it will also be easy to organize a trip to Barcelona. At any time of the year, tourists will find a respite here and return home refreshed, with a head full of warm memories of Catalonia.

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