Not only for women - the Roermond sales

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Dutch sale madness - Designer Outlet

Will there be at least one woman whose eyes will not shine on the slogan "sale", and after hearing "promotion" will not speed up her heart rate? In order not to sound too stereotypical, she will definitely be found, but the average woman will start to breathe faster at the sound of these words. Especially when he finds out about the existence of the city of endless sales - Designer Outlet located in Roermond, the Netherlands. It is closed for only two days: on Christmas Eve and on New Year's Day. During the remaining days, it is more or less crowded with customers coming from all over Europe, which can be seen in the car registrations in the parking lots in front of the gate to the boutique paradise.

And where exactly is the aforementioned Roermond located? Near the border with Germany, in the province of Limburg. The charming river Meuse flows through them, and Roermond itself has about 56 thousand. residents. Designer Outlet, on the other hand, is located in the border areas and tempts with lower, but not low prices. At least not for an average Pole, which must be sadly admitted. However, for lovers of madness among store shelves, fans of labels and famous names, it is a real paradise that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Soon there will be a great opportunity to go to the boutiques rally - the VIP Shopping Event is approaching. On September 11-15, discounts will reach 70%, so bargain hunters will have a chance to "hunt" some gem with the Prada, Burberry, Gucci or Raulph Lauren tag.

Another incentive is the fact that the access is very easy - you can get to the city gates via the A52 (German) and A73 (Dutch) motorways.

Not only for shopping

But Roermond is not just a series of designer boutiques. Those who will cool down after shopping should focus their attention on the town itself. First of all, it deserves a picturesque, beautiful Old Town like from a postcard - the panorama is dominated by the 15th-century Cathedral of St. Krzysztof , proudly drawn against the blue sky. The charm of the old part of the city is also added by the historic town hall from the beginning of the 18th century, the Franciscan church (Minderbroederskerk) and the atmospheric restaurant buildings concentrated around the market square. Numerous intimate squares, narrow streets and the atmosphere of old times felt everywhere - everything here is steeped in history. You can feel it.

Roermond is an important historical and cultural center. In summer, it hosts many festivals, including the "Bevrijdingsfestival Limburg", the Sjwaampop festival and numerous military parades (such as Taptoe). These are just a few examples, the city is bustling with life all year round, not only in the summer months.

The city is surrounded by a wide green belt, which offers many opportunities for hiking and biking. Many hours of walks in the green nature of nature reserves, such as the Meinweg National Park, await us. We can admire the beauty of the Leu valley, relax in Beegderheide, and enjoy the views of meadows and moors. The famous Pieterpad hiking route , which runs from Groningen to Pietersbeg in Maastricht, will fill our eyes with greenery, just like the Moza-Swalm-Nette route. We can visit under the supervision of a qualified guide, on foot or by bike.

Maasplassen - breathing fully breastfeeding

As you can see, Roermond has a lot to offer tourists for such a small town. Apart from the monuments and boutiques, it tempts with something else. This is not just anything, but the largest recreational area in the country - Maasplassen - located in the heart of Limburg. On over 3,000 hectares, you will find dozens of larger and smaller reservoirs connected to the Meuse. Together, they create a paradise for water sports and communing with nature. The surroundings delight with the beauty of nature, as well as the charm of typical Dutch villages and towns, including the aforementioned Roermond.

Lovers of active leisure have plenty of opportunities, including swimming, water skiing, kayaking, rafting and diving. Those who want to explore the area from the water's perspective can also sail for hours. They can also rent a boat or canoe, take a yacht or a ferry (runs regularly). There are several modern marinas where you can moor if you have your own sailboat or yacht. You cannot ignore the beautiful beaches and well-organized infrastructure. Dozens of bars and cafes await tourists, as well as restaurants and several hotels.

Those who came with a camper have not been forgotten either. There are several nice campsites in the area, including Resort Marina Oolderhuuske . A night spent on it in the period from 23/08/03/11 costs € 24.00 - the price includes accommodation max. 4 people, access to water, electricity and the Internet, and a place for a vehicle (if we have a trailer, it cannot be larger than 8 x 2.5 m). The views here are beautiful and the conditions are more than comfortable.

Time for Roermond!

After such a description, there is probably no need to convince anyone that it is worth coming here. Roermond is not big but it is bustling. There will be something for fans of sales, water sports enthusiasts and "traditional" tourists wishing to explore a new Dutch town. Certainly no one will regret coming - only the fact that one day they will have to leave.

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