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Dogs are killed on a Scottish bridge. For unknown reasons, they jump straight into the abyss. Is it the work of strange powers? Or maybe just an instinct and the pursuit of the smell of rodents? To this day, scientists are struggling to solve this mystery.

There are many strange, mysterious and a bit scary places in Scotland. Some of them owed their fame to the amazing events that took place there, and some were artificially promoted by the local media. One of such dark spots on the Scottish map is Overtoun House. This is a 19th-century manor house in West Dunbartonshire, standing on a hill by the River Clyde. It is located about 2 km from the small town of Milton and 3 km from the city of Dumbarton.

The legend of Overtoun House

The historic manor house attracts attention with its size and beauty. Both the castle itself and its surroundings are famous as "the center of unexplained phenomena" . Even in ancient times, the place was considered an area where the border between heaven and earth is very thin. Consequently, in this region the world known to man merges with the unreal world.

In Celtic mythology, Overtoun was a place where good and bad forces meet on earth and sensitive beings can see them. The castle is said to be haunted.

Canine Suicide Bridge

Undoubtedly, an intriguing place is the Overtoun Bridge , hung over a stream near the residence. Since the 1960s, dogs have been killed here by jumping into the abyss stretching under the bridge. Despite their efforts, scientists have not been able to determine the cause of the strange behavior of the tetrapods. Among the theses posed was a concept with an intense mink smell, which is permeated with the bricks of the bridge. In pursuit of him, confused dogs jump over the railing and fall into the abyss. It is said that Labradors, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers are the most frequent jumpers.

Another theory is about the bad energy that quadrupeds sense with their sixth sense. Yet another states that it is a haunted place - in the past, the father pushed his son here into the abyss, convinced that his child was possessed by an evil spirit. The son survived, but after several years he threw himself off the bridge.

The aura of mystery and the number of dog jumps attract fans of paranormal phenomena to the Overtoun Bridge. Scientists rule out the option of suicide, and the Scottish Animal Welfare Society has even sent representatives here to investigate the mysterious behavior of the quadrupeds. So far, its cause has not been known.

The charm of a gray town

Supposedly, if not for this mysterious bridge, no one would know where Milton is. Wrong, because this tiny town is very picturesque. There is a river on one side of it, and hectares of forests on the other. Low-rise buildings predominate - the tourist's eye comes across nice single-family houses with a gray facade. Driving through the town, we will also see a couple of gas stations and parking lots.

The nearby Dumbarton , famous for its historic castle and whiskey production, is also nice. Despite the small size of the town, there are many restaurants and shops in it. There was a time when the Polaroid factory was thriving here - it was the company's largest plant outside the US, employing 1,800 people. Today, less than 100 people work here, mainly involved in the production of lenses for sunglasses.

Driving through Scotland

If you go to these areas and look for a place to stay, you can stay at the Lomond Wood Holiday Park , about 10 km from Milton. We will pay 21-25 pounds / day for renting a motorhome space, and the price includes a stay of 2 people.

You can come here with your dog (it costs £ 2 a day). Just remember to keep it on a leash when we leave the campsite and go for a walk over the mysterious bridge.

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