"Shaggy on the go. Italy for three collies "

"Shaggy on the go. Italy for three collies " – main image

For several weeks now, you have been able to buy the book "Shaggy on the Journey. "Italy for three collies" by Anna Wyrzykowska and Mikołaj Wyrzykowski. They are members of a nice family who visited Italy last year in a camper accompanied by a herd of energetic Scottish Shepherds.

Before you start reading, you should realize that the book is not an ordinary guide to Italy. It is richly illustrated with photos (white and color), and its content is densely interwoven with stories about the places we pass and admiration for the beauty of Italian monuments and landscapes, but above all, it is a story about family. And it is about a large family, because it consists of three two-legged and three four-legged members. "Shaggy Travel" is much more than a guide - it is a treasure trove of knowledge about Italian attractions, customs and landscapes, passed on in the most subjective way by a family who loves travel, freedom and dogs.

By camper through Italy

The journey that the Wyrzykowski family took in 2012 is firmly rooted in the "here and now". Not only do we get to know Italy through the eyes of campers , but we also find out when exactly they were in specific cities. When the Euro Italy-Germany semi-final match was taking place in Warsaw, they sat in one of the bars on the main square in Assisi and enjoyed the victory together with the Italians. Reading this chapter, we can feel as if we were there with them: "Just after the final whistle, the residents of Assisi, filled with joy, grab flags in their hands and get on scooters and cars to circle the city with their horns pressed, spreading the news of victory everywhere. Those who see them greet them with singing and applause. Everyone is happy: residents, tourists, us, our dogs. The whole city roars with pride in victory. This is what an Italian fiesta looks like!” When the Spaniards defeated the Italian team in Kiev, the Wyrzykowski family listened to the sad silence in the restaurant in San Giovanni Rotondo. "The battle of one army. Like a duel between a troll and a gnome. (…) Defeat fell on the Italian warriors like a bolt from the blue.”

"Shaggy on the go. Italy for three collies " – image 1

Anna Wyrzykowska

From the book "Shaggy on the go. "Italy for three collies" we will learn much more than just where to go when in Italy. We will learn the fate of many saints, including the fascinating story of Saint Rita, Saint Francis, Padre Pio, Saint Anthony and other figures who left their mark on history. We will find out why most houses in Assisi have three doors (and why you never go through one of them) and why the most expensive coffee in the world is so expensive. We will find out where love is expressed on cards and where with padlocks. We will discover places where you can stay absolutely free. And above all, we will see that when good people meet, they can communicate even without knowing the language.

Melancholy and specifics

Each chapter of "Kudłaczy..." and each subsequent story is signed with the author's name. Over time, when we read a book, we stop checking who wrote the next part - we already know it. The chapters written by Anna are full of specifics, they tell us the stories of famous people whose houses or temples we visit. We learn about legends and hard-hitting facts. Santa also pays attention to detail, but in a completely different way. He lingers over the details, sharing with the reader the feeling that a given object evokes in him. Anna leads us through narrow Italian streets, showing the beauty of the monuments and their history. Nicholas stops every step, contemplating the moment and conveying his mood and impression to us. He intersperses the text with metaphors and describes reality in a serious, poetic language, rare for such a young man. His expressions such as "statues decorated in bronze" and "Juliet's house full of love covered with chewing gum" are delightful and say more about a given place than encyclopedic chapters in classic guidebooks.

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Mikołaj Wyrzykowski

You cannot miss the "tre lassie" , a barking group of flame-haired shaggy dogs traveling through Italy with their guardians. Caro, Lalka and Nebra aroused universal interest while showing human kindness. There was no shortage of people who wanted to pet them or take a photo with the fluffy pets. The Wyrzykowskis' book includes many stories about filling dogs' bowls with water, talking to each other and friendly smiles encountered at every step. Without a doubt, the collies accompanying the campers opened people's hearts. Such relationships add much warmth to a story already full of warmth and cordiality, making you want to go to all those places where nice people live and are so open to visitors from abroad. Who knows, maybe after such a trip we will sit down to read our book - just as the Wyrzykowski family advises us?

"Shaggy on the go. Italy for three collies " – image 1
"Shaggy on the go. Italy for three collies " – image 2
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