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European Capital of Culture 2013

The second largest city in Slovakia and the heart of the Eastern Carpathian region is now a rapidly growing center. Košice, because we are talking about them, in 2013 will be the European capital of culture. The symbol of the city is the Sculpture of the Marathon Runner - the International Peace Marathon is held in Košice every year.

The city is situated on the Hornád River, at the junction of the Košice Basin and the Spišské Ore Mountains, and is extremely attractive for tourists. It has a beautifully renovated old town with 460 historic buildings - the Old Town of Košice is the largest urban historical zone in Slovakia. A large part of them is concentrated on the most beautiful promenade in the country, Hlavna Street. It is worth devoting a few words to her.

Wandering on Hlavna

Both the inhabitants of Košice and tourists like to walk around Hlavna. The street is surrounded by a lot of cafes and shops, densely interwoven with monuments. One of the most important is the Gothic cathedral of St. Elizabeth (House of St. Alžbeta), the largest church in Slovakia and at the same time an extremely unlucky building. Its predecessor burned down, and the cathedral itself was built for over a hundred years to later (it was completed at the beginning of the 16th century) to survive earthquakes, fires and hurricanes. As a result, in the 19th century it was suitable for a major renovation.

The cathedral has five naves and a dazzling interior for visitors. You can see the Gothic main altar of St. Elizabeth, portal with bas-reliefs and late gothic side altars. The eyes are drawn to the statues of the holy Hungarian kings: Stefan, Władysław and Emeryk on the pillars of the nave and a priceless monument on the windowsill of the southern oratory: the 14th-century group "Crucifixion". The temple also houses the crypt of Prince Francis II Rakoczy, the national hero of Hungarians.

Speaking of the prince - on the west side of Hlavna Street there is a building with medieval walls and a Rococo-Classicist façade. This is the Rakoczi Palace, where the Museum of Technology is located today.

Košice old town

North of St. Elizabeth, we will find Hlavné námestie - a square with a neo-Renaissance theater building. Between the buildings there is a park with numerous benches, and in its center there is a famous playing fountain. It is hard to find a more romantic and charming place, which is fully explained by the crowds of walkers, especially in summer.

At the corner of Hlavna and Univerzitna streets stands a baroque Jesuit church, behind a raw façade with two towers, a bright 18th-century interior and a 19th-century main altar with a scene of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Nearby, there is another temple worth seeing - the Franciscan church with 14th-century walls. It was rebuilt at the end of the 18th century.

But Hlavná owes its attractiveness not only to the monuments of sacred art. On its northern side, more or less in the middle, there is a stream with small footbridges over it. In turn, in the southern part of the street you will find several entrances underground, and there, an unusual archaeological open-air museum awaits visitors. You can see the preserved remains of medieval fortifications there.

Tourist attractions outside the city

The main square of Košice is considered to be the most beautiful in Slovakia. The entire city is so picturesque that it deserves more time to explore. And the surroundings of Košice attract tourists.

The most beautiful places are to the west of the city. Near Medzewo you can see the ruins of the 18th-century hamers and artificial lakes that add beauty to the Šugovska valley. The ruins of the castle on Turnianskie Podhradie are also noteworthy.

Apart from the beauty of architecture and the surrounding nature, the location is also an advantage of Košice. The proximity of the borders with Ukraine, Hungary and Poland makes the city one of the best transport hubs in the country.

Campsites nearby

There are many places to stop and rest in the Košice region. It is not only about hotels or guesthouses, but also about campsites. After all, caravanning enthusiasts often choose routes while traveling, guided by the number of places where you can leave your motorhome.

There are two recommended campsites around the city, one of them is ATC Salas Barca ** (Rondweg (zuid), 04013 Košice). The approximate price of accommodation for 2 people, including the cost of a berth for a car and a fee for access to electricity, is EUR 23.50-27.50 / day. The campsite is located about 0.2 km from the motorway exit, the area is grassy, and there is a bar, shop and restaurant with a large selection of dishes (open all year round). For the youngest guests there is a playground and a children's farm, there is also a table tennis table.

The second camp is Penzion Sokol (Hrdinov SNP 64, 04425 Vysný Medzev). The approximate accommodation price here is from 20 to 22.50 euro / night. In addition to the playground for children, there is also the so-called a boulevard (playground for the game of "jeu de boule", that is, a game of boules). Marked hiking trails start right next to the campsite, and several bicycle routes start on the site. You can also play tennis here.

A trip to Kosice

No matter what means of transport we choose and where we stop, coming to Košice will be a great idea. Lots of monuments, interesting places both in the city itself and in its vicinity, a location that allows you to continue your trip in one of three other countries - it is worth going here.


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