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In the past, they were called the Islands of the Gods, today they are compared to the Caribbean. The three beauties of the Atlantic Islands National Park of Galicia are Sur o San Martiño, Del Medio o do Farol and Norte o Monteagudo - the Cíes Islands.

The Cíes Archipelago (Illas Cíes) is located on the northwest coast of Spain. The water that laps the beaches here is turquoise and crystal clear, the sand is wonderfully loose and white, and the landscape is made up of eucalyptus and pine forests, rocky cliffs and numerous coves.

Limited beauty

The star of the archipelago beaches, Playa de Rodas , was announced by The Guardian as the most beautiful beach in the world. Both she and her neighbors are often visited by local residents, but tourists are not that easy. The famous beauty can only be reached by ferry (e.g. from Vigo, Kangas or Baiony). It runs at certain times, and most importantly, you can miss it if you reach the limit. Only 2,200 people can visit the islands every day. In this way, they are protected against being trampled, litter and noise, i.e. everything related to mass tourism. Tickets should be purchased well in advance on weekends and holidays.


As the islands are a nature reserve , there are strict rules on them. There are fines for breaking them (including littering). Birds should not be disturbed when hiking on one of the four routes - moreover, you can find warnings about the risk of bird attack , especially during the breeding season.

Active recreation on the islands of Cíes

A holiday here is not only a blissful lounging on the beaches, although sunbathing on a blanket is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of the Cíes Islands. There are great diving spots by the coast - the underwater world can be explored during a 2-hour trip for divers . Another, equally attractive option is a kayak trip accompanied by a guide.

Trekking enthusiasts will not be bored here, not to mention ordinary hikers who like to explore the area in a quiet way. Before entering the hiking trail, you must check whether we have an adequate supply of water. Apart from comfortable shoes, remember to bring a hat and a sunscreen with a high sunscreen.

People who are eager to explore, but not necessarily tiring, can go on a cruise on a cruise ship cruising around the islands.

Visit to Vigo

Amateurs of night entertainment should get acquainted with the attractions of Vigo , known as the City of Olives. After dark, the streets fill with music from numerous clubs. The air is filled with the smells of dishes from local restaurants. An interesting place is the old part of the city, Casco Vello , full of baroque houses and narrow streets.

During the day, families with children will have a good time at the Naturnova interactive museum, they can also visit the city's main point, the 17th-century Castro fortress.

Camping by the most beautiful beach in the world

Tourists who prefer camping rather than in a hotel will be delighted to stay at Camping Islas Cies . It has an ideal location - right next to Playa de Rodas, so its guests are guaranteed the best access to the queen of beaches. The cost of a day stay in low season is 7 euro for an adult and 5.50 euro for children aged 3-12, and in high season it increases to 8.25 euro (adults) and 6.20 euro (children). You can spend the night at the campsite in your own or rented tent.


If we try to be among the 2200 lucky ones, we will get to know the beautiful Maldives of Spain, also known as the Spanish Caribbean or the Islands of the Gods. A trip by ferry to such a beautiful place will be as enjoyable as winning the lottery.

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