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When it snows outside and frost draws fancy patterns on the glass, many of us dream of going to a place where we can expose our face to the sun, walk on loose sand and swim in the warm sea. And for many of us, hot Spain comes to mind.

And where can it be the warmest? In a region that is, colloquially speaking, just a stone's throw from Africa. In other words, in Andalusia. The southernmost Spanish center is Tarifa, from which the lights of the African city of Tangier can be seen at night. After all, they are only 30 km apart.

Sun, beach and birds

There is probably no person who does not know that birds that fly away for the winter to warm countries fly towards Africa. Tarifa is one of the best places to watch their migration. During bad weather, exhausted herds stop in the mountains, often spending several days there. So we can say that Tarifa is a holiday destination for both people and birds.

Another interesting fact is the legend of Alonso de Guzmán (de Guzmán el Bueno), the ruler of Tarifa. During an enemy invasion, he sacrificed his son to save the city. Contrary to the expectations of the invaders, he did not give up his rule in exchange for the release of his descendant, he allowed him to be killed. Today, near the port and the castle built in honor of the indomitable ruler, you can also see his monument. Ironically, "bueno" means "good."

The world center of surfing subculture

Tarifa is considered the Spanish capital of surfing. Kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts also come here willingly. They are attracted by the beautiful beaches, unrivaled as well as the specific climate. One of the largest beaches in the province is Zahara de los Atunes. It stretches from Zahara to Cabo de Plata. Golden sand and moderate waves - an ideal place for fishing and swimming. The aforementioned Cabo de la Plata offers visitors peace and relaxation in wonderful surroundings. There are cozy houses with small gardens by the beach.

If someone came here mainly to windsurf, they will probably end up at Valdevaqueros or Los Lances beach. There are several surf clubs nearby, offering equipment rentals or lessons with an instructor. Diving and fishing enthusiasts often choose Cala Picacho with its white sand, romantic coves and picturesque rocks emerging from the water. You can also find wonderful sand and crystal clear water on Arroyo del Cañuelo. Those who forget about reality, looking at underwater vegetation and fish, will feel like in paradise here.

Under your own roof - to Tarifa by camper

In such a beautiful region, you don't necessarily have to look for hotel accommodation. Those who prefer to travel by their own means of transport know this well and value the freedom to stop at any point they choose. There are several campsites worth checking out.

A place recommended by caravanning enthusiasts is the Paloma campsite (Ctra N340 Cadiz-Malaga, km 74, 11380 Tarifa). Two adults who come here in a camper will pay from 32.10 to 42.80 euros per day, depending on the season. Dogs are not allowed in summer, but you can bring your own boat. Trips are organized at least twice a week, so if someone does not have a previously prepared plan to explore the area, they can take advantage of this opportunity. The campsite has a year-round restaurant, shop and fast food bar.

The second place to stay is the Valdevaqueros campsite (Ctra N340, km 75.5, 11380 Tarifa/Cádiz). Here, two adults will pay from 30 to 40 euros/day for accommodation. There are 10 pitches for campers, so it's quite intimate. The campsite is fully adapted to the needs of disabled people, and you can bring your dog both in and out of season. The owners of the campsite also organize trips during which you can get acquainted with the local attractions.

Another interesting campsite is El Jardín de las Dunas (Los Algarves/Punta Paloma, 11380 Tarifa). The approximate price for a stay for two people is 28.40-39 euros/day. Of course, it is open all year round, and there are marked tourist trails nearby. Guests can use the common room, washing machine and tumble dryer. You can also play tennis and horse ride here, but pets are not allowed.

Explore the area

Beautiful beaches, clear water and lush greenery - Tarifa has something to charm you with. What else can you see here? Lovers of old fortifications and monuments should visit Baelo Claudia, approximately 12 km away. There are ruins of a Roman city there. However, in Tarifa itself you can see the defensive walls, as well as Sante Mateo, a 15th-century church with a Gothic interior and a Baroque façade. Also noteworthy is the 10th-century castle, partially rebuilt 800 years later.

First of all, let us remember that it is a city from which we can see another, exotic continent. A continent that for many of us remains an attraction that we can only read about or watch a movie about. Meanwhile, here, in Tarifa, Spain, you can sit on one of the local wonderful beaches and stare at the outline of the land visible on the horizon. And contemplate this amazing moment.

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