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Málaga is the city where Pablo Picasso was born and the sun shines more than 300 days a year. The provincial capital of the same name delights with its varied cuisine, solemn celebration of Catholic holidays and a multitude of clubs where you can dance the night away.

Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts will miss many opportunities to taste delicious dishes if they do not visit Málaga during their stay in Spain. It is the second largest city in Andalusia, one of the most important fishing ports of the country, and also a popular beach on the Costa del Sol. The mild climate of the region allows the cultivation of bananas, figs and oranges. Grapes are also grown here, from which the sweet Malaga wine is made.

The magic of Malaga's cuisine

The only downside to staying in the city is the possibility of losing the sense of time in one of the many restaurants and gaining a few extra kilos for it. Fans of fish and seafood dishes will be delighted. The dishes worth tasting include pescaíto frito, a dish made of pieces of fish and seafood coated in flour and fried in deep olive oil, a bitter orange salad or a gaspacho. The smell of grilled fish will attract us to the Juan Sebastian Alcano promenade , and the whole row of restaurants serves crabs, shrimps, anchovies and octopus.

Many say that dishes in this magical city are not eaten but celebrated. A lot of attention is paid to eating meals here, besides, the inhabitants are very religious - hence the images of saints in pubs and restaurants. If we come here during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, we will witness a grand spectacle. At that time, kilometer-long processions run along the streets and several-ton platforms with statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary are moving. The celebration of Easter, New Year and Epiphany is similar.

Attractions of the city of Picasso

Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso were born in Malaga. While the former can be found in one of the several restaurants he owns, the latter can be found in the Buenavista Palace, in the Picasso Museum. It is housed in a magnificent building, the roof and doors of which are made with great precision. The controversy of the Spanish cubist survived in his works, and today you can admire them both in the museum itself and in the painter's family house, at Merced Square.

Another attraction is the Alcazaba fortress, which is one of the largest Muslim military buildings preserved in Spain. It proudly crowns the hill overlooking the entire city. Inside there is an archaeological museum, and at the foot there are the ruins of the theater founded in the time of Augustus Caesar.

The citadel connects with the former residence of the Arab emirs - Gibralfaro Castle. With good visibility from the top of its walls, you can see the Atlas Mountains and Gibraltar. The powder magazine has an exhibition where visitors can see the uniforms and weapons of the troops in the period from the 16th to the 20th century.

Concerts and festivals, squares and squares

At Calle Marqués De Larios, we will lose a fortune on purchases - it is one of the 50 most expensive places in Europe. In turn, in the historic part of the city, at Mercado de Atarazanas, we can buy a whole lot of local products, including sweets. Performances and concerts are held at Plaza de la Constitucion . Relative silence can be found in the city center, in the Parque de Málaga (Parque de la Alameda). The park tempts with the beauty and aroma of about 2,000 species of flowers and trees, as well as beautiful sculptures standing between the alleys.

The province is so full of colors and scents that it is worth staying longer. Approx. 14 km south of Málaga is Camping Torremolinos , where motorhome owners can stay. The accommodation for an adult costs EUR 9.65, and the parking space for the vehicle costs EUR 11.15. After relaxing, you can set off to explore Torremolinos - a bit quieter than the crowded Malaga, but having a lot to offer to tourists.

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