The golden city of Slovakia - Kremnica

The golden city of Slovakia - Kremnica – main image

Weekend in Slovakia

A trip to Slovakia is a quick and effective way to ensure a pleasant entertainment and get to know the attractions that await just abroad - so close, nothing but reach. In just a few hours, we can find ourselves in one of the most beautiful Slovak cities, Kremnica.

Just beyond the Polish-Slovak border is Trzciana (Trstená), a small town that was an important craft center in the past. There were many guilds in it, the most recognized being the guild of potters. Their products were characterized by characteristic ornaments, and the pottery clay of very good quality in the vicinity contributed to the intensive development of pottery. Tourists visiting the center can get acquainted with folk art, such as blacksmithing, ceramics and basketry - the local Cultural Center is very active.

Going further, we come across the picturesque town of Dolný Kubín , located in the southwestern part of the Orava region. It is divided into two parts by the Orawa river, and the most visited places in the resort include the distinguished Colonnaded Bridge , which connects the old part of the city with the Bysterec estate.

Hot thermal springs

Right in front of Kremnica there is a famous Slovak spa, Turczanskie Teplice . It is situated at an altitude of 518 meters above sea level, in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. The spa area extends in the southern part of the city, and it is made up of healing sanatoriums located in Rococo-Classicist buildings. In the immediate vicinity of the guesthouses there is a spa park, a valuable 19th-century monument. The resort was built on hot springs rich in magnesium, bicarbonate and calcium. People suffering from diseases of the urinary tract, digestive system and patients with rheumatic arthritis and deformities after injuries are treated here.

One of the biggest attractions of Turczańskie Teplice is the "Modry Kupel" blue baths built in the Moorish style, available only to patients. Holidaymakers can also use the area with thermal waters - Spa & Aquapark with indoor and outdoor rehabilitation pools awaits them. The town also tempts with attractions in winter, when thousands of skiing enthusiasts come here. Valčianska Dolina and Jasenska ski resorts are located in close proximity to the resort. After exploring the area, we finally reach our destination. Kremnica is ahead of us.

The legend of the partridge

According to an old legend, a hunter, walking towards the place where Kremnica is now located, hunted a partridge. He found gold grains in the bird's body, and as he continued along the stream, he discovered a deposit of silver, ores, and gold. In fact, deposits of gold and silver were discovered in the area very early, already in the 10th century. They began to be mined on a large scale several hundred years later (in the fourteenth century), and since then the city has been attacked many times - many wanted to get it. Kremnica is an old mining center that attracts tourists with a historic castle complex, surrounded by double defensive walls with three towers and a gate. The castle is located in the city center and now houses the exhibitions of the Museum of Coins and Medals. In the middle of the Kremnica market square stands the Church of St. Catherine, famous for its organs that can be listened to during the annual summer event.

It is worth mentioning that the oldest state mint in the world is located in Kremnica. It is not only the oldest, but it still operates continuously, which is rare among European mints. In the past, Kremnica ducats (florins) were one of the most sought-after and valuable coins on the entire continent. Both the gold and the gold mined in the surrounding mines brought the town fame and wealth. Kremnica gained the nickname of "gold" thanks to the largest gold production in the whole of Hungary.

Katarina thermal spa and camping site

Another attraction attracting tourists to the city are the Katarina thermal pools - a bathing beach located in the valley of Kremnicki Potok. The miners working in the mines, who bathed in them and used them as drinking water, knew about the healing properties of the water. The swimming pool offers guests several pools: swimming pools, relaxation pools, children's pools and one where you can sit and soak well.

In the spa complex there is also a sun lounger and sports equipment rental, as well as a buffet with a terrace and a restaurant. For active guests, there is a fitness center, tennis courts and an athletics field. There is a guarded parking lot nearby and a campsite surrounded by trees. Its guests can count on accommodation in 3-person cabins and pitches for tourists with tents and campers. Visitors can use a shared kitchen with refrigerators, cookers and microwaves, as well as showers. The campsite is connected to the swimming pools by a bridge over the stream, and tourists who live there have free access to the swimming pool area. Adults pay 2.5 € per night, children 2 €, and the parking space is 5 €.

You can lose track of time here and spend a fantastic weekend for sure. We will return to Poland refreshed, satisfied and, above all, healthier. After all, Kremnica miners know what is good.


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