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The beauty of Danish lakes and hills touches the heart not only of romantic souls. In such an environment, you can relax, recharge your batteries and calm down - that's why this small, charming country is liked by both nature lovers and people who are exhausted, overwhelmed by the busy reality, who want to catch their breath and find their inner balance.

Landscapes of Denmark

Speaking of the beauty of Danish landscapes, it's hard not to mention Søhøjlandet, the land of hills and lakes surrounding Silkeborg, a city on the Jutland Peninsula, in the central part of the country. The region is considered - and rightly so - one of the most beautiful in Denmark. Dominated by the landscapes of lakes and vast forests, interspersed here and there with high hills (including Himmelbjerget, which is one of the highest in the country), wrapped in a trail of the longest Danish river (Gudenå), it delights with its tranquility. Living here is a luxury, literally and figuratively - being able to enjoy such close contact with nature comes at a high cost of living. It is enough to look at the beautiful mansions located by Lake Brassø or in the town of Sejs. Which does not change the fact that many people choose this region when choosing a holiday destination in Denmark .

Trip to Silkeborg

The aforementioned Silkeborg is a picturesque town interspersed with a network of alleys, even made for long walks. It advertises itself as a Car City due to the fact that it buys and sells the most used cars. Despite the fact that it is a relatively young center (it received city rights only at the beginning of the 20th century), it makes up for it with its beauty and that of the surrounding area. It is surrounded by vast hilly landscapes, there are several smaller and larger lakes in the vicinity, and the Gudenå flows through the city itself. Hjejlen, one of the world's oldest steamboats, departs from its harbor (Havnen). What is worth visiting during a trip around Silkeborg ? Certainly the Silkeborg Museum , located in the oldest building in the city. It contains the Man from Tollund (Tollundmanden), a body so perfectly preserved in peat that, after its discovery in 1950, the police were notified that a crime had been committed. After research, it turned out that the man lived in the years 350-210 BC. Art lovers should visit the Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, which houses over 5,000 works by approx. 150 artists from around the world. Amateurs of admiring the underwater world will be captivated by the views offered by AQUA Ferskvands Akvarium . Through the glass you can watch the fauna of Danish waters, birds diving for food and plants swaying with every movement of the water. The perfect way to unwind and relax.


Camping on a Danish lake

Where can we find accommodation? Choosing the right place could not be easier. Rest in the bosom of nature, surrounded by a forest, with a beautiful view of the lake, where boats gently swing, and here and there you can see the silhouette of an angler - if you've just imagined this place, you only need to name it. This is Skyttehusets camping , which will delight every person who loves real camping. Compared to the gigantic camping towns located near Venice , this one may be modest in size, but it fully meets the expectations of nature and active leisure enthusiasts. Do you want to swim on the lake? There is not the slightest problem. There are kayaks and motor boats waiting for tourists - you can also bring your own. Hjejlen also flows to the shore, taking you to nearby towns, including Silkeborg or Himmelbjerget. Do you like hiking or cycling? The surrounding area offers plenty of beautiful places to visit. There is also plenty of entertainment at the campground, so no one will complain about boredom.

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