Under the cat's tail - Novalja

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Seen from a bird's eye view, Novalja resembles many a cat in shape, and one with a bristly ponytail. As strange as it may sound, the city center is right under that bristling tail.

Novalja is a beautiful resort on the Croatian island of Pag. There are two ways to get there - by ferry or over the bridge (longer route). A small town nestled in a warm bay awaits tourists with green pine forests. The local beaches are famous for their exceptional beauty, and many of them are marked with the Blue Flag.

Star of Novalja - Zrće

There are few places in the Adriatic where there are so many beautiful beaches. The charm of coves with crystal clear water attracts lovers of blissful lounging on sand or gravel. Regardless of whether we choose to go north or south, east or west, we will still come across at least a few picturesque pieces of the coast.

One of the most beautiful beaches not so much in the city as the islands, and even in the whole of Croatia, is Zrće , the holder of the Blue Flag. In the high season, it is mercilessly crowded, covered with hundreds of towels, sunbeds and umbrellas. It has everything you need to enjoy your seaside resort vacation, including slides, boats, jet skis, bungees and a non-swimmer section (both children and adults). There are also showers and a number of amenities for the disabled, and lifeguards ensure the safety of sunbathers.

While other beaches are perfect for families with children, Zrće is made for fans of big parties. In July and August, it hosts trance and house music concerts. There are many cafes around you, where you can take refuge from the heat, and in the evening there are discos waiting for tourists: Calypso, Papaya and Aquarius.

Beaches for families with children

In Stara Novalja there is a sandy beach Pljanka-Trinćel , especially recommended for vacationers who visited the island with children. The water is warm and shallow, so it is loved by the little ones, who can carelessly paddle here under the watchful eye of their parents.

Ručica beach , tempting with golden sand, is also very popular among tourists visiting the island. It is approx. 12 km away from Novalja. Due to the fact that it is reached through the picturesque Kanjon, it is considered by many to be the most romantic beach on the island.

There is something for everyone in Pag, including nudists who can sunbathe on the pebble beach Sveti Duh , approx. 10 km south of Novalja. Part of it is occupied by the auto camp of the same name. Apart from motorhomes and cars with trailers, tents can also be set up on it. In a word, a paradise for caravanners.

Overnight among the beaches

It's a sin to come here and not stay anymore. And where can you stay on this beautiful island? You don't have to look long - in Novalja itself there is a nice Autokamp Straško , in which an adult will pay, depending on the season, from EUR 4.10 to EUR 9.50 / day, and a motorhome stand costs from EUR 5.60 to EUR 10.70 / day. The campsite is pet-friendly and the cost of a pet's stay is 4-6 euro / day.

The great advantage of the campsite is the fact that there is the Straško beach on its premises, offering guests a lot of sports attractions, as well as a lot of shade in the pine forest. She also has the Blue Flag status, and some of her are nudist.

There are many beaches on Pag, and each of them is delightful. When we come to Novalja, we will have extremely easy access to many of them. In addition to gravel, sand and delightfully warm water of amazing purity, a number of other attractions await us. So if someone dreams of a beach vacation, a cat with a bristly pony invites him to Croatia.

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