The charm of Croatian Tuscany

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Every year Istria is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. In the first half of 2019, 7.6 million people booked accommodation there. Thus, the Croatian peninsula was ranked first in the most frequently chosen regions, ahead of Dalmatia and Kvarner. What attracts vacationers right here? Diversified terrain (mostly mountainous and with access to the sea), Mediterranean climate and cuisine inspired by the tastes of many countries.

Tourist attractions of Istria

Istria tempts above all with nature, which, when seen for the first time, can be speechless. The clear waters washing the beaches are delightful, many of which are fighting for the crown of the most beautiful (including Girandella, Bijeca, Ambrela or Sol Polynesia), mountain hiking trails, and virgin forests, which until the beginning of the 20th century were available only to European families royal.

The attractions of the heart-shaped peninsula are not limited to places on land. Many hide underground, like the famous Baredine Cave. We can find it near the city of Poreč, in Nova Vas. It is an amazing grotto, where you can feel like on the set of "Lord of the Rings" movie.

Besides nature, Istria captivates with the beauty of its villages and towns. She herself is called "Croatian Tuscany", it prides itself on towns that are as beautiful as the more famous resorts. Such is, among others Rovinj, situated in the center of the western part of the coast. Covered with a tangle of winding streets, it catches the eye with tenement houses with red tiles and tempts with the old part, visible on every postcard. It fully deserves the term "little Saint-Tropez".


And "little Venice" or Piran? Located in the Slovenian part of the peninsula, the town used to be a Venetian fortress, as can be seen in its architecture. The proximity of the Adriatic Sea and the wonderful sunsets that can be admired here attract tourists for day trips and longer trips.

Istria - where to stay?

Speaking of Istria, it is impossible to ignore Pula, famous for its monuments from Roman times and the third largest amphitheater in the Old Continent. It is also a popular tourist center with an extensive accommodation base.


People resting on the peninsula have a large selection of hotels, guesthouses and campsites where you can rent a motorhome, caravan or plot for your own house on wheels, put up a tent or book a room, house or bungalow. Those interested in renting a house have such an option not only on campsites. Interhome, a company offering accommodation in houses and apartments, often with access to swimming pools, a private beach or with the option of staying with a dog, also comes to their aid.

Accommodation in Pula, Croatia from Interhome is the perfect solution for tourists looking for a comfortable accommodation close to the beach and attractions.

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