Old again - Camping Arena Grand Kažela in Croatia

Old again - Camping Arena Grand Kažela in Croatia – main image

Croatia is a country that has had an excellent tourist base for several decades. Among the many campsites, the most noteworthy ones include: Arena Grand Kažela.


The development of tourism over many years means that the most attractively located facilities are often the oldest. However, their owners are not idle and know that investing in modernization is not possible without it. And this is how real pearls are created, such as Camping Arena Grand Kažela .

Recreation in the south of Istria

Camping Arena Grand Kažela is located near Medulin - the southernmost town in Istria and one of the most valued holiday resorts.


In the characteristic emerald-blue waters of the bay there are wonderful peninsulas and islands that are a paradise for tourists. It is an ideal place both for people who value quiet relaxation and for those who like more intense entertainment.


Nightlife is mainly concentrated at the port. There you will find bars, restaurants, clubs, but also playgrounds and various attractions typical of seaside resorts. Medulin is an ideal base for exploring all of Istria . It is very close to the historic Pula .

Modernized facility – new name

The investment, which began in 2018, transformed a two-star campsite into a large, modern, four-star resort (that's what I call a leap!). The latest works began in October and are scheduled to be completed before the start of the 2020 season. The investment value is approximately HRK 188 million, i.e. approximately PLN 107.16 million.


The change of entourage was also followed by a change of name, which now reflects the new look of the center to a greater extent. A four-star, 65-hectare facility with modern infrastructure and numerous amenities is Arena Grand Kažela (old name - Arena Kazela). After modernization, the resort is intended exclusively for "textile" tourists and no longer has a naturist section.

Vast plots and houses with gardens

In the first phase of the investment, 164 new, luxurious houses, 2 swimming pools, a new entrance and reception were built. There will also be new bars and restaurants (especially those by the pool) and numerous amenities.


This year, guests will be able to choose between 3 types of mobile homes: Camping Villa, Camping Home Green, and Camping Home Next. All of them have gardens measuring 250-300 square meters. The cottages are designed for 5 people, have a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms with showers, and a living room with an LCD TV. Thanks to air conditioning, we don't have to worry about the heat, and we can park the car next to the house. We also did not forget about access to Wi-Fi .


The works started in October are aimed at replacing the old houses that still exist here and there with modern mobile homes. In total, there will be as many as 209 cottages of this type waiting for guests during the season.


Fans of campers and trailers will not be disappointed either. Right by the sea, they will find comfortable 150-meter plots, equipped with electricity, water and sewage disposal. There will be a fully equipped, modernized sanitary facility near the plots. A total of 1,230 seats are planned, including as many as 75 premium class.

Water attractions at the campsite

A facility of this class cannot miss water attractions! Arena Grand Kažela has a large swimming pool and a paddling pool for children. Nearby you will find sun loungers, umbrellas and everything you need to relax. The newly built Captain Bar offers drinks and an extensive menu. The swimming pool area also houses a children's and youth club, an amphitheater where events and parties are held, and a playground.


The second swimming pool is located near the cottages. Thanks to its unusual dimensions (80 x 4 meters), it is the longest swimming pool in Croatia! It is an ideal place to relax and take a bath - including sunbathing. The nearby Breeze Bar offers a wide selection of drinks.


Since we also travel to experience local flavors, the Bilina restaurant is certainly worth visiting. The view from the terrace of Medulin Bay and the islands scattered in the sea is breathtaking. The extensive Sport & Beach Bar Mediteraneo will also be waiting for guests.

If you are planning a holiday trip to Croatia this year, it is certainly worth visiting Camping Arena Grand Kažela . And if you don't have holiday plans yet, check out the campsite page in our database by clicking here: Arena Grand Kažela Campsite .

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