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If someone is planning to visit the northern part of Western Norway, he should avoid other routes and take road 64. Otherwise he will regret missing the opportunity to see the bridge leading to heaven.

The Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien) is a perfect example of the fact that often during a journey the greatest moment is not reaching the destination, but the journey itself. This one-of-a-kind road runs, yes! it twists both sideways and upwards, lifting like a great ribbon between Norwegian islands and areas of land so small that they are only enough to support the asphalt. It is proof of the power of human creativity, of challenging the sea - and taming it. It is the realization of a design for connecting two points in an absolutely unique, extremely bold and visually delightful way.

The route was established in 1989. It is part of Fylkesvei 64 (County Road 64), a more than 125 km two-lane highway through the rugged Norwegian countryside. In 2006, The Guardian named the journey on the Atlantic Road as the best in the world.

Road to nowhere

The Atlantic Road runs between Karvåg na Averøy and Vevang in Eide, through an archipelago of tiny islands. It is 8.3 km long, and its individual sections are connected thanks to 8 bridges. The longest is the 260-meter Storseisundet cantilever bridge, located on the border of the municipalities of Averoy and Eide. In 2011, the Daily Mail called it "the road to nowhere".

The Storseisundet Bridge is the most representative element of the road number 64. It has the shape of an arc and is separated by 23 meters at the highest point from the sea. Admiring it from below, you get the impression that it will reach the very sky. Seen from the right perspective, it is stunning - and stupefied. It is not uncommon for the mind of the onlooker to ask, "Is this really happening?"

A journey across the capricious sea

While driving the Atlantic Road, from time to time we come across viewpoints where you can stop to admire the endless sea. Many people make a longer stop for a meal or throw a fishing rod.

An important point on the route is Hustadvika , with many shipwrecks lying on the seabed. Here, the element lets you know your moods change with extreme intensity. During the construction of road number 64, construction workers had to endure several hurricanes. To this day, despite the defeat, the sea likes to splash on the asphalt in a powerful wave like a spilled child. Especially in autumn, during storms. It is surprising that at the end of the nineteenth century, more than 100 people lived on the islets washed by the waves. They existed on what they managed to catch.

Walk through the seaweed forest

The landscapes in this region of Norway are so beautiful that it would be a shame to admire them only from the windows of your car. Diving enthusiasts should visit the Strømsholmen Sea Sports Center , located in Vevang. It has existed since 1981, and for fans of scuba swimming, it offers the opportunity to see the underwater paradise of Hustadvik with lots of wrecks and a wealth of flora and fauna. The water here is terribly clear (visibility 40-60 meters). You can forget that we are in the cold North - a seaweed forest sways beneath the surface of the water, and its thicket is inhabited by about 1,400 species of sea creatures. Life has flourished so much thanks to the warm Gulf Stream.

The center offers diving equipment rental, organizes excursions, cruises and diving courses.

Camping on the Atlantic Road

If someone wants to stay in Vevang, he can take advantage of the PlusCamp Bud Camping offer. The coast of Bud is known for its abundance of fish, so anglers like it. There is a fish pond in the campsite, fishing equipment rental, boat rental, playground and playground. An overnight stay in a motorhome for a group of up to 5 people costs 220 NOK per day.

In order to provide guests with the comfort of rest in silence, the owners of the campsite close it between 23-9. Therefore, a late return will mean an overnight stay in an off-site parking lot. As you know, fishing requires peace. And rest on the Atlantic Road - punctuality.

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