Yacht charter in Spain - when does the sailing season last there? We check!

Yacht charter in Spain - when does the sailing season last there? We check! – main image

Would you like to try something different instead of spending your winter holidays on white madness in the mountains? Bet on a yacht rental! Spain is the perfect place to charter a sailboat even in winter. In our article, we check where it is best to charter a yacht in Spain, how long the season lasts and how to prepare for the charter.

A country to which you return even in winter

"But someday we will definitely come back here again..." - these words end the first stanza of the well-known shanty "Spanish Girls". The author of the text undoubtedly knew what he was writing about. Spain is a wonderful place on the map of Europe, to which you always want to come back. Sociable people, delicious food and drink, majestic views - this is how you can describe this country in a nutshell.

Spain, and in particular the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, is a great choice for yacht charter even in winter. In the Canary Islands, the shipping season lasts all year round, e.g. thanks to favorable weather conditions and relatively high temperatures. In the Mediterranean Sea, where Balearic Islands, the season runs from April to November.

Feel the good vibes of Mallorca

"Feel the good vibration..." - this is one of the lines of the well-known song "Mallorca" by Loft. Each of us has heard about this island, which is part of the Balearic archipelago. The capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, is the perfect place for a yacht charter in Mallorca. From here we can set out on a journey and visit the rest of the islands. Rent a boat in Mallorca and start exploring the wonderful Balearic Islands even in late autumn.

Another island worthy of attention is Menorca, which is the smaller sister island of Mallorca, which is famous for its unique stone tombs. This island also hides wonderful natural treasures, such as picturesque beaches that stretch along the entire coast, and the azure sea.

From Menorca it is worth moving to Ibiza. This island is called a paradise for party people, because the fun lasts there almost all the time. The party nature of the island will probably tempt you to dock at the nearby marina and take a little break from sailing.

Finally, you can visit the other two tiny islands - Formentera and Cabrera. They are characterized by peace and beautiful landscapes. This does not change the fact that the islands are rich in a number of attractions, such as mud baths or visiting the historic lighthouse. Also, their beaches are very clean and kept in excellent condition. If you are interested in sailing in the Balearic Islands, you can check the offer of yacht charter in Spain from GlobTourist .

Sail out into the wide waters of the ocean

The Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean are an ideal destination for slightly more advanced sailors. Strong winds are a real challenge, but they show the beauty of sailing. It is worth starting your journey from Tenerife, and more precisely from the port of Garachico. This island impresses with its volcanic landscapes, colorful lava fields and huge cliffs. Sailing further, we will find the lunar landscape of the island of Lanzarote, which is famous for its majestic views and the production of delicious wine. In addition, the island has a wonderful National Park - Timanfaya, so it's worth mooring here for a bit longer.

Another island is Fuerteventura. The literal meaning of the name is "strong wind". It is here that we can come across a large number of kite- and windsurfers who take advantage of favorable weather conditions. End your journey in Gran Canaria. It is an ideal place similar in its character to the previously mentioned Ibiza. Here you can forget about all your worries and enjoy the party lifestyle.

Spain is almost entirely surrounded by seas and oceans. The coastline is very varied, and its total length is about 8,000 km. Most of the country is located on a peninsula, but Spain also has two sizable archipelagos, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, which are ideal for sailing in the less popular months of the year. These beautiful islands delight with their diversity, great weather all year round and countless attractions. These are perfect places where you can charter a yacht and go on a journey around the sea.


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