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Despite the striped clothing, it looks slim and neat. Despite its resemblance to a bee, it is neither nice nor useful, but its bite is extremely dangerous. We will meet the wasp many times.

So similar to the lovable bee and so dangerous. The infamous insect stings extremely painfully, and people allergic to its venom must contact a doctor immediately as their lives are in danger. As you can see, the term "bad as a wasp" has come to be known for a reason.

What to do after a bite?

If we're at home, we have more options to quickly reduce the pain of a wasp bite. However, if the encounter with the insect took place at a campsite, the situation is different. When the sting is still under the skin, pull it out with great care. We do not do this with our fingers, but with tweezers. We can also pry the spike with the edge of the card or with a plastic card (e.g. ID card or credit card).

After removing the sting, we can minimize the pain in several ways. Here, the methods are identical regardless of which insect has stung us - whether a wasp or a bee (it can also sting painfully), or a nap. Most of the "drugs" can be found in our own motorhome , more precisely in the kitchen. We can moisten the bite site with a strong salt solution (one teaspoon of salt is used for one glass of water), we can also rub it with lemon juice or grated parsley.

In the first aid kit of an experienced traveler, you will definitely find coal. We can dissolve a few tablets in warm water, and after mixing, apply to the bite and cover with gauze. A cold compress or an onion cut in half will also be effective.

See the doctor without waiting!

In case of allergy to wasp venom, redness of the whole body or a rash most often appears after the bite. Instead of looking for things that can be put on the site of the sting, you should see a doctor as soon as possible - especially when you feel worse, you will feel weak, dizzy and have trouble breathing. In the information at the campsite, we will find out where the nearest doctor's office is.

A visit to the doctor is also necessary if the wasp stung us on the tongue, throat or around the mouth. Increasing swelling can block the airway. On the way to the office, the pain will be reduced by sucking on an ice cube - in our motorhome refrigerator there will certainly be at least one.

Meetings with the wasp are so painful that we will remember them for a long time. We can avoid fruit orchards and flower pollen sites, but the wasp - like the wasp - will not avoid us. Therefore, when planning a vacation in a motorhome, it is worth providing the kitchen well.

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