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GAP insurance is an advanced protection against the loss of value of the motorhome in case of total loss or theft. A new motorhome loses up to 40% of its value in the first three years of operation. In the event of a total loss or theft of a motorhome, the basic insurance company pays compensation equal to the market value of the vehicle on the day of the loss, i.e. much less than the vehicle was worth at the time of purchase. KAMPER Gap secures this decline and ensures that its owner does not lose its value even for five consecutive years after purchasing the insurance, regardless of whether it is a new or used vehicle.

The likelihood of total loss or theft increases as the years go by. In addition, the value of a car decreases with each year of use, and in the case of five years it may decrease by more than half.

KAMPER Gap is an additional insurance that covers the difference between the market value of the car on the day of the total loss or theft and its initial value. Compensation calculated by the primary insurer never covers the full value or purchase price of the vehicle. This means that KAMPER Gap pays out additional funds up to the invoice price, enabling the purchase of a new motorhome of the same class as the lost one or easy repayment of lease payments.


Advantages of KAMPER Gap insurance

  • Protection against the depreciation of the motorhome for up to 5 years!
  • High compensation payment limit, up to PLN 150,000.
  • Possibility to take out insurance up to the gross or net value of the vehicle.
  • Possibility to purchase a vehicle of the same class / value as the lost vehicle.
  • Compensation under the Gap policy may be transferred to repay the financing agreement due to its early termination.
  • Maintaining the value of the vehicle also in the event of liquidation of the claim under the perpetrator's third party liability insurance.
  • Possibility to conclude Gap insurance for a period longer than the term of the lease agreement and to continue the Gap protection after buying the vehicle from the lease.
  • Fast and professional claims settlement!

The insurance may be concluded by a natural person, a person running a business or a legal person. It does not matter if the motorhome was purchased for cash, leased or on a loan.

Where to buy GAP insurance for a motorhome?

KAMPER Gap insurance can be purchased from the CampRest Ubezpieczenia insurance agent at . All you need to do is complete the form available on the website, send scanned documents confirming the value of the motorhome when you buy it and pay the insurance premium.

The decline in the value of the motorhome and the GAP payment - an example

  • The price of the motorhome from the invoice: PLN 300,000
  • Gap insurance for 36 months with an insured sum of PLN 150,000
  • Total loss date: 27th month of the Compensation Payment contract
  • The value of the AC / civil liability of the perpetrator: PLN 190,000
  • Gap compensation value: PLN 110,000

How much is the KAMPER Gap insurance?


The cost of GAP insurance for motorhomes depends on the value of the motorhome on the day of purchase. An additional factor that affects the cost of insurance is the maximum compensation limit of PLN 50,000, PLN 100,000 or PLN 150,000 selected by the client.

The insurance may be valid for three or five years, which also affects the final price of the KAMPER Gap insurance.

The cost of such insurance in the example presented above was PLN 3,900 payable as a one-time premium for a period of 3 years.

For more information on motorhome insurance, please visit our website where you can purchase and evaluate various types of motor and travel insurance.

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