Holidays with the family, or 6 reasons why you should take out travel insurance

Holidays with the family, or 6 reasons why you should take out travel insurance – main image

Vacation is a time awaited by almost every working person. This is the moment of the year when we can spend time with our family in an interesting place, doing exciting things. However, before we indulge in this sweet holiday laziness, it is worth considering securing the entire trip. This is especially important for travelers who care about the protection of all family members. In this text, you will learn about the 5 most important advantages of a holiday policy.

Medical care abroad

Travel insurance is primarily help in financing treatment (to the extent necessary) outside the country. Thanks to this solution, as soon as you or another member of your family feel unwell, you will be able to seek medical help at no extra charge. The policies also cover the costs of procedures, specialist examinations (X-ray, tomography) and dental treatment (acute inflammation).

Medical transport

In the event that you become seriously ill, your travel insurance will cover the cost of transportation to a hospital that will be prepared to help you. If you are also unable to return to Poland on your own, the insurer will provide transport adapted to your health condition.


Accidents happen everywhere and to everyone. If an unpleasant situation happens to you, which will significantly worsen your health, you will receive money for rehabilitation after your return. The insurer will also pay out the benefit resulting from the personal injury. In the event of death, your loved ones can count on compensation.

Luggage insurance

The one who has never lost his luggage cannot talk about traveling. Travel insurance provided for such a situation as well. In the event of loss, theft or damage of your luggage, you will receive appropriate funding. Some insurers also pay out up to EUR 200 when the suitcases arrive at the airport with a delay of 3 hours or more. That is why it is worth checking out a good travel insurance at Ubezpieczenie-podrozne/

Home security

Holidays are holidays, but it is worth having somewhere to return after a successful holiday. It is for this reason that travel policies offer home or apartment insurance in the event of fire, flooding, theft and other random events. Also, think in advance about adjusting the amount of insurance to the value of your property.

Insurance of the costs of resignation from the trip

Sometimes it happens that for reasons beyond our control we cannot take part in the holiday purchased. A well-chosen travel insurance will protect you in the event of such an event. All you need to do is provide the necessary documents within 7 days to recover all incurred expenses. You can find more about which insurance to choose here:


  1. Be sure to buy an insurance policy BEFORE you leave.

  2. Read the GTC carefully (general insurance conditions).

  3. Extend your policy with accident insurance.

  4. Think about securing your home or apartment.

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