Do you want to go on vacation in the fall? Check what is worth remembering!

Do you want to go on vacation in the fall? Check what is worth remembering! – main image

This year's holiday season has recently ended. Trips abroad are also very popular in autumn. Tourists vacationing outside the season count on lower prices and smaller crowds in popular resorts. When going on holiday during this time, it is worth remembering a few important issues.

This year's holidays were different than before. After the lockdowns, Poles finally wanted to rest, which benefited travel agencies. However, the interest in trips did not fade away with the end of the holidays. September and October trips literally disappear from booking systems, and the prices of holidays in these months are constantly increasing.

Vacation – if not in a camper, then how?

The price of a trip in travel agencies with a departure between August 30 and September 5 increased by PLN 41 within a few days, according to Traveldata. The largest increase in trip prices was recorded in the case of Calabria - here the cost of the trip increased by PLN 283. Price drops included only trips to Djerba and mainland Tunisia - by an average of approximately PLN 82. The lower price also applied to Sardinia - a decrease of PLN 73. The largest increases in tour prices concerned the Turkish region of Dalaman and Sicily - by an average of PLN 1,176 and 1,123, and the island of Fuerteventura - by PLN 970. The largest annual price drop was recorded in trips to Morocco - it amounted to PLN 247. However, all this shows that more and more people are planning their holidays in autumn.

Autumn holidays – why is it worth it?

Autumn is the perfect time for longer trips. First of all, because then we have a greater chance of taking a longer, even two-week vacation. In Poland it is colder during this period, the days are getting shorter, and abroad in warm countries the daytime temperature is still 25 ° C or more. Moreover, most co-workers are already on vacation, so it is easier to find a replacement. Another important advantage of traveling outside the season is the price. It is often much lower than in the hot summer season. This discount applies not only to last minute offers, but also to places in Polish resorts.

Places that are difficult to reach with a camper

In autumn, the countries of the Mediterranean basin are very popular among tourists. In this region, a seven-day holiday will cost around PLN 1,000. zloty. A holiday trip outside the season has many advantages. First of all, it is not as crowded as in summer. Thanks to this, you can freely explore, walk, and freely use bars and restaurants. Additionally, resting in the colder months is beneficial for people who do not like heat and feel best at temperatures around 25 ° C. This is the temperature in October on the Turkish Riviera and on islands such as Cyprus, Majorca, Ibiza and Rhodes. In November, summer weather can be found in Fuerteventura and Malta.

Travel insurance is also valid outside the season

Travel insurance is an important aspect of any holiday, especially one planned abroad. We should also buy them when going on holiday outside the season. Additionally, it is worth protecting yourself in the event of trip cancellation by purchasing a trip cancellation policy. It is important to purchase travel insurance immediately after purchasing the trip (within 48 hours) so that the insurance can take effect.

The most important element of travel insurance is medical costs. Various health-related events, such as a broken leg or an attack of the appendix, may result in us urgently needing medical help and sometimes even returning home. Travel insurance should cover the costs of emergency services and transport of the patient to a treatment facility. It is good when the policy also covers the costs of treatment and transportation of the tourist to the country, which can often be expensive. An important aspect apart from travel insurance is protection in the event of luggage theft. The policy should provide funds for the purchase of the most necessary things.

– Good travel insurance that provides adequate protection is not easy to find, because most cheap policies only provide basic protection or have many exclusions – points out an expert from the Punkta travel insurance comparison website . – To find affordable insurance with a wide range of protection, you should review many offers from insurance companies. This takes a lot of time. Fortunately, you can use an online insurance comparison website and find the best policy in just a few moments. Thanks to such tools, you can find not only cheap insurance, but also guaranteeing proper protection during your vacation - adds the expert.

Third party liability insurance, accident insurance and assistance – add-ons to the travel insurance policy

It is worth extending the protection under the tourist policy to include civil liability. Thanks to this, we can feel safe when, for example, we accidentally harm someone. Personal accident insurance is insurance against the consequences of accidents. It covers damages related to damage to the insured person's health (e.g. when we break our arm, the insurer will pay compensation determined as a percentage of the total amount of the accident insurance). In turn, assistance is useful when our plans are thwarted during the trip (e.g. we are stuck at the airport due to a delayed or canceled flight). Such a policy reimburses costs for expenses incurred due to an involuntary stay (e.g. for an overnight stay in a hotel).

EHIC card

When planning a holiday trip in the fall, it is also worth getting an EHIC card. The European Health Insurance Card is a document entitling you to use free primary health care in countries belonging to the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). This document provides the necessary medical services that must be provided so that the patient does not have to return to the country to receive medical attention.

In autumn, in some countries of the Mediterranean basin, in Thailand, the Maldives, the Caribbean and Cuba, the weather is still sunny and warm. People who can take a vacation during this period have the opportunity to buy a trip abroad at a lower price and relax in comfortable conditions. However, when planning a vacation, it is worth remembering about travel insurance and the EHIC card to increase the safety of our vacation.

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