For a car across the Odra River? Check if it pays off!

For a car across the Odra River? Check if it pays off! – main image

There is a perception among people looking for a car that it is much cheaper to buy a used car in Germany. Used car dealers across the Oder river enjoy unflagging success. However, is it justified?

Once you decide to go abroad in search of a car, it's worth considering all costs, including fuel or tickets (depending on what you choose), and even accommodation or meals while traveling. Of course, it is also good to take someone who can communicate in German and knows about the automotive industry to best assess the condition of the car.

Who to buy from?

There are several solutions, but the most popular are of course two - either from a private person or on commission. The latter option will simplify the formalities a bit, because the commission usually helps in collecting a complete set of documents necessary to register a vehicle in Poland. They also allow you to view more cars in a shorter time, which will also facilitate the search for the one you dream of.

In addition to a very thorough assessment of the condition of the vehicle, it is necessary to check whether the car has a valid technical inspection (TÜV), because their absence means that the inspection in Germany will have to be carried out on your own or you will need to bring the car on a trailer.

Remember about the contract

The purchase and sale contract is a must. Ideally, it should be written in two languages, then the cost of the translation will drop. Along with the contract, you should receive a registration certificate and a vehicle card from the seller. If the car has already been deregistered, you should also receive a relevant certificate ( Abmeldebescheinigung ), or it can wait to be picked up at the communication department. You should also go there to obtain exit plates (cost from 90 to 150 euros) and civil liability insurance ( Haftpflicht , 5-day option costs about 75 euros).

Theoretically, if the car is registered all the time and has valid insurance, you can use it to return to the country without visiting the communication department, but then you will have a problem with the return of the German plates and documents. You will have to wait for the previous owner to go to the communication department himself, deregister the vehicle and send the relevant certificates. Only then will you be able to register your car in Poland.

Registration costs

Importing a car from Germany also involves fees. You should start with a mandatory technical examination, the cost of which will range from about PLN 150 to PLN 200. If the car has German number plates, you can go to the inspection right away, if not - go to the communication department of the city hall and buy temporary plates (their cost is PLN 62).

Other registration fees you will have to pay:

  • permanent ecological fee - PLN 500 (from 2016, individual buyers and owners of commission shops are exempt from it),
  • excise duty paid at the customs office - the rates are two: 3.1 percent the value of the car for cars with an engine capacity of up to 2000 cm 3 and 18.6 percent. values for cars with an engine capacity of more than 2000 cm 3 ,
  • translation of registration documents by a sworn translator (the cost is about PLN 150).

In the communication department, you should pay the fees for the vehicle card, the control sticker for the windshield, a set of verification stickers for plates, license plates and a temporary permit. You also have to pay the so-called registration fee. All costs should not exceed PLN 250.

Once you go with the complete set of documents to the communication department, you have to remember that you have to take out third party liability insurance on the same day.

Or maybe in the country?

If you do not want to bother with all these formalities, it is worth considering for a moment and thinking whether buying a car in Germany will really be cheaper. Fees, wasted time and nerves are additional factors. Maybe it is better to browse Polish websites with automotive announcements (e.g. ) and buy a car in the country? The choice of vehicles available on our market is really big and it's easy to find something that will meet your expectations.

The final decision is of course yours - weigh the pros and cons and make the right one.

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