How to negotiate the price when buying a used camper or caravan?

How to negotiate the price when buying a used camper or caravan? – main image

There are many ways to implement your caravanning passion. Most people start their adventure by renting equipment, paying a few hundred zlotys for a few days of use. The next - seemingly natural - step is to buy your own camper or caravan. When buying a new product, we can count on some discounts obtained from the dealer. In the case of used equipment, the situation is a bit different. The final sale price depends not only on the seller's initial valuation, but also on the interest in a given offer or the technical condition of a given item.

Verification of the advertisement

Many buyers make a cardinal mistake at the very beginning of their contact with the seller - they start talking about the price of the equipment before the inspection . Thus, they reduce their chances of further lowering the price. First of all, we should carefully inspect the caravan or motorhome , checking the compliance of the product with the description . Any deviations will be a strong bargaining chip for us in further talks . It is worth checking all systems, devices as they are or should be on board , because their failure or impending failure also cannot escape our attention. In such a case, we may demand a price reduction to make the necessary repairs, about which the seller has not informed. Likewise, let's solve the issue of missing equipment.

In the case of the motorhome, we still have to carefully look at the drive and drive system . Repair of the engine and other mechanisms can cost thousands of zlotys . For this reason - as far as possible - we should go to a visual inspection with a mechanic who will honestly assess and verify the condition of the engine and other accessories (we can just as well assess the condition of the engine on our own and according to our own experience). The situation is similar here - if we notice gross negligence, leaks, loose or makeshift repairs, we should rethink our price offer. Also, remember to keep the seller informed about your finds , otherwise he may not take into account our "defect list".

Time and place count

It is widely known that the sale of tourist equipment (and not only) is very dependent on the current season - the season. In order to get the best possible purchase price for a used camper or caravan, it is worth starting the search for the right art in autumn or winter - with the spring improvement in the weather, sellers will not be eager to seriously reduce the price. In addition , the weather is of great importance during the inspection itself - rain will only be our ally. If we plan to buy used equipment from a specialized dealer, we must seriously think about its choice. Sellers operating in large (often rich) cities often set higher prices than those in the provinces . In addition, we can forget about a significant reduction in price.

When buying a second-hand caravan or motorhome, we cannot follow its year of manufacture. What matters most is the actual technical condition . We will often encounter situations where a twenty-year-old caravan will be in much better condition than a several-year-old product.

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