Motorhome up to PLN 50,000 - (part I)

Motorhome up to PLN 50,000 - (part I) – main image

In the previous episodes of this series, I looked at the offers for used motorhomes at prices up to 15,000 and up to 35,000. zloty. Unfortunately, although gems can be found in these price ranges, they are rare. So maybe I will find something after increasing the budget to 50,000. zloty?

The first word that comes to mind is "job"! I am disappointed that, having such a decent sum, I have to watch offers such as Mercedes-Benz Hymer Mobil from ... 1981! Sure, the vehicle looks well maintained, but 36,000. PLN, however, is too high a price, as long as I want to have a car to drive, and not present it to my friends as a museum exhibit.

In order to get rid of offers directly from the junkyard, I filter the ads so that there are cars not older than those produced in 2000. In this way, on the list in front of me I have several accident motorhomes and a few ads that are definitely worth looking at.

Ford Transit 2001

The cheapest of these proposals is the Ford Transit , which has no name in the name suggesting the brand of the caravanning company. So you can guess that the car was converted from an ordinary "tin" at the request of its German (supposedly the only one so far) owner.

Inside, a car from the floor to the roof finished in light wood , stainless steel sink and cooker, there is also a bathroom with a washbasin. The overall impression is good. However, I do not see any sleeping places in the pictures, and the seller does not mention any of them either.

The downside is also only two small windows - one on each side of the vehicle. Anyway, the latter can only be guessed at, because the car was not photographed from the driver's side. And this may lead to suspicion of a desire to hide a defect.

Were it not for these immediately noticeable disadvantages, the Ford Transit 2.4D, 2001, in the price of 37 thousand. PLN would be worth a closer look.

Fiat Ducato with alcove

I watch a few cars that have motorhomes in name only. Their advantage is the possibility of transporting up to six people, but they are rather "delivery vans" with armchairs than campers. So I focus on cars with an alcove over the heads of the driver and passenger. In their case, I can be sure that they are definitely camping cars.

Fiat Ducato 1.9D from 2001 reportedly has only 75 thousand. km of mileage and costs PLN 37,999 , but the word "damaged" dispels my hopes.

In fact, the first good offer is only for 10 thousand. PLN more. This is a direct offer from the owner of another Fiat Ducato 1.9D. The car is from 2001 and specialists from the Italian brand Roller Team made it a motorhome. In the description, the owner assures that the mileage given (55,000 km) is original, as evidenced by the tires - the same tires on which the car left the factory.

The vehicle is accident-free and has been registered for 6 people . Its equipment includes, among others a refrigerator operating in three modes (gas, 12V, 220V), gas-fired boiler, central heating stove, water installation with a high-pressure pump, and a bicycle rack outside. Most importantly, the camper has a fold-out double bed , an alcove above the driver and a bathroom with a shower, toilet and washbasin. The condition in the photos seems very good.

And if so, I think I found the answer to the question of how much you need to spend to become the owner of a motorhome in good condition. The minimum is about 50 thousand. zloty.

In the next episode, we'll look at a few more motorhomes at a similar price. So a follow-up is sure to come.

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