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Volvo V60 Cross Country D4 AWD – image 1
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Volvo V60 Cross Country D4 AWD

In the eyes of a statistical driver, Volvo is synonymous with safety, comfort and functionality. The once angular costs, created almost from the set square, have been replaced with a new design. The first model to introduce Volvo into the new era was the S60 / V60, competing with the BMW 3 and Audi A4 for the customer. We have already presented the classic body - the S60 sedan - on This time we present the V60 in the CrossCountry AWD off-road version. The most universal variation of the V60 hit the market a few months ago. The manufacturer gave it a much higher ground clearance , underbody covers and eye-catching plastic covers for wheel arches, bumpers and doors . The distinguishing feature of the CrossCountry version are especially prominent bumpers - the rear one is enriched with a meaningful inscription with the model name.

Volvo XC70 D4 – image 1
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Volvo XC70 D4

Volvo has always been a true icon of a functional and family car at the same time. The cars of the Swedish brand, famous for the production of almost regular station wagons, are still valued for classic values, with quality and durability in the foreground. Unfortunately, the model revolution in the Volvo ranks left only one model with a brick-shaped station wagon alive. The XC70 model, despite more than eight years on the market, still keeps up with the competition - offering us functionality, driving comfort, safety and independence.

Ssangyong Rextron - unknown roadster – image 1
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Ssangyong Rextron - unknown roadster

Off-road vehicles are certainly the best choice for towing a heavy caravan. Strong drive units, durable mechanics and resistance to the hardships of operation - thanks to this, driving with a trailer and a full load is not a problem. There are not many real off-road vehicles on the market, mounted on a rigid frame. In addition to the very expensive Mercedes G, Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruser, another model is available. Ssangyong Rextron. The Ssangyong brand has been trying to roll up the European market for many years, offering quite interesting constructions. The flagship model of the brand - Rextron has been in production since 2001 , of course, it underwent several symbolic modernizations over the years. Without a doubt, its greatest advantage is its technical relationship with Mercedes , it comes from the entire power transmission mechanism, including the automatic transmission.

Renault Kadjar 1.6 dCI - the SUV for everything – image 1
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Renault Kadjar 1.6 dCI - the SUV for everything

Not so long ago, functional cars with a station wagon were the most popular among caravanners. Roomy interiors, powerful power units easily coped with towing even heavy trailers. However, times are changing, as can be seen exactly in the automotive world. Today, the formidable station wagons are replaced by universal SUVs . Particularly noteworthy are the compact propositions, equipped with an economical diesel engine and an uncomplicated four-wheel drive . Market novelty - Renault Kadjar is the second approach of the French manufacturer to the SUV topic. This time, the base for the construction of the compact Kadjar was the Nissan Qashqai - a class hit in sales. The entire body structure, chassis and drive are derived from the Japanese model. The drive unit is also the same - designed by Renault engineers.

Isuzu D-Max - hardworking tourist – image 1
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Isuzu D-Max - hardworking tourist

In most cases, the main point of interest for caravanning enthusiasts are SUVs, off-road vehicles or spacious station wagons that work well both on the daily way to work and during the holidays. Paradoxically, only a handful of enthusiasts pay attention to pickups that are becoming more and more popular in Poland. In Polish realities, working vehicles very often replace off-road vehicles - after all, extensive additional equipment is enough to achieve a similar result, while taking advantage of tax exemptions typical for delivery vehicles. Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux are the leaders on the Polish market, but we cannot forget about another offer from Japan - Isuzu D-Max .

How to transport bikes by car? – image 1

How to transport bikes by car?

The holiday season is slowly coming to an end, but this does not mean that it is not worth considering buying accessories that will also be useful during short weekend trips - and above all, next year's holidays. More and more people, not only caravanning enthusiasts, decide to spend their free time as actively as possible. One of the forms of relaxation is the intensive sightseeing of the surrounding monuments. Sports is equally popular. Cycling is an interesting proposition for both the elderly and very active people. Riding on two wheels driven only by the strength of our muscles, unlike running, does not burden the joints and the spine. At the same time, taking care of physical fitness, we can admire little-known areas from a bicycle saddle.

We import a camper from the UK - does it make economic sense? – image 1
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We import a camper from the UK - does it make economic sense?

The huge popularity of caravanning in Western Europe is also becoming more and more popular in Poland. Unfortunately, the only obstacle for many people is the high cost of buying their own equipment . Of course, the easiest way to pursue your caravanning passion is to rent a camper during your vacation. Paying a few hundred - several thousand zlotys, we get a fully operational and ready-to-go vehicle. However, for the masses of caravanning enthusiasts, this option is not an option. The prices of new motorhomes are not low, secondary market vehicles are much more affordable. In the case of campers, it is not worth relying only on the Polish market, a much larger selection - sometimes also better prices - can be found in other countries of the community. Undoubtedly, the most popular destination for camper trips are Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands . Few people consider Great Britain , where the realities are completely different due to the left-hand price movement .

LPG installation for a diesel engine, does it make sense? – image 1
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LPG installation for a diesel engine, does it make sense?

According to many fuel-conscious drivers, there is no other, more cost-effective source of motive power than a diesel engine . Supporters of self-ignition engines recall the high efficiency of diesel engines, much higher than in gasoline units. An additional advantage of most diesels is low fuel consumption and high power and torque . That is why almost all campers and vans available on the market are equipped with diesel engines. On the other side of the barricade there are supporters of simple gasoline engines . In fact, they do not have a lot of power or torque . Their biggest advantage is their simple structure, which enables a relatively cheap conversion to run on more than twice cheaper LPG . Thanks to the attractive price of gas, LPG is an extremely popular fuel, especially in Poland, Turkey and Italy .

Volvo S60 T6 - your travel companion – image 1
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Volvo S60 T6 - your travel companion

For many decades, Swedish car manufacturers were famous for their indestructible turbocharged gasoline engines and their great concern for the safety of passengers . To date, Volvo's approach has not changed (the other Swedish brand - Saab - is struggling with huge problems), and the new Chinese owner of the brand has a lot to do with it. Cars with supercharged gasoline engines, contrary to appearances, are an excellent alternative to vehicles with diesel units. They not only offer more power and torque , but also emit much less harmful substances into the atmosphere . In the Volvo model range, apart from SUVs and regular station wagons, the S60 model is also suitable for us - caravanning enthusiasts. This classic sedan of the middle class, despite the less practical body, works exceptionally well during summer trips.

The segment speed measurement is now working – image 1

The segment speed measurement is now working

Concern for road safety standards is an extremely popular pretext for creating new and new forms of disciplining drivers. Especially in Poland, it has become a kind of substitute for serious road modernization in the name of safety. While traveling around Poland, we have already got used to speed cameras and traffic officers equipped with popular dryers and unmarked police cars with video recorders. In virtually every commune, he or she may come across one of the above-mentioned devices in the moment of inattention.

BMW 528i X-Drive - not only a station wagon – image 1
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BMW 528i X-Drive - not only a station wagon

Almost all of us, avid enthusiasts of caravanning, take into account only SUVs and estate cars due to their passion. Of course, their functionality and capacity can positively surprise many travelers. Nevertheless, cars with a less practical body are equally well suited for towing even a heavy caravan . Sedans , because we are talking about them, in many cases have a spacious trunk, not to mention impressive towing power . One of the most interesting proposals available on the prestigious car market is the BMW 5 Series . The Bavarian limousine is available in a huge number of drive and equipment versions (we also have a practical station wagon to choose from). Probably due to its dignified image, the sedan enjoys greater recognition on the market. The front part of the car is dominated by traditional kidneys - usually decorated with a chrome border. Attention is drawn to the equally eloquent bi-xenon headlights (optional), enriched with LED daytime driving inserts . As befits a high-end vehicle, the 5 Series sideline is calm and elegant.

How to remove stubborn dirt from the caravan and camper body? – image 1

How to remove stubborn dirt from the caravan and camper body?

Regardless of whether we are using a used or new motorhome or caravan, we have to deal with a number of troublesome trifles. One of them is dirt that does not come off under the influence of traditional detergents intended for washing the car body. The easiest way to fight them is to hand over the caravan or camper to a professional - a professional company dealing with detailing will get up to PLN 1,500 for comprehensive protection and cleaning of the car body . Especially camping vehicles are exposed to frequent contact with resin dripping from trees and bird droppings , these two substances have an extremely unfavorable effect on the paint coating - what is worse, washing them off is not that easy. Similarly, many problems are caused by particles of molten asphalt that stick to the body . Paradoxically, home methods turn out to be helpful. They are not only much cheaper , but also most of the necessary fluids and accessories we have for home furnishings.